Coutinho money will go back into Liverpool team — Klopp

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Even though Philippe Coutinho's transfer has been the highlight of this transfer window across the football world, the Brazilian's ex teammate Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain termed it as 'business as usual'. He did fantastic in the first part of the season after the things we had to deal with in the summer. It was actually too early for my plans. It's a pretty easy answer. AS Monaco's Thomas Lemar was a prime transfer target last summer but the move didn't occur and is unlikely to take place this month too. He's there, we are still here and we have to deal with the situation. The financial reward is vast.

The Brazil playmaker, who contributed 12 goals this season, completed his dream £142million move to Barcelona on Monday to leave a significant hole in 's side. He was not in team training so far.

"You need to be here [mentally]". City like to play out from the back and will always give you a chance, which is why Lallana could be a real difference-maker this weekend. You can learn better. "You cannot use him if he's not 100 per-cent".

"I will be judged depending on results and what happens", Guardiola added.

At this point of considering Hull City's Meyler as a replacement for Coutinho, it should be noted that Kevin is a character played by Irish comedian Richy Sheehy - something Kevin gamely refutes. "But I could not decide differently". It's about the atmosphere in the club. "For me, there was no different decision possible".

Now, according to an exclusive report covered by Express, the 26-year-old attacker is in transfer talks with the Reds. "We knew it when the club tried everything".

He then puts on Sugar, Sugar by The Archies and sings along with his improvised new lyrics.

"I'm happy that he's one of the best players in his position".

"But Liverpool now have resources and they will go to the market. Everything is fine. We have no money issues at this club". He is constantly running behind you, and as right back or a centre back, you do not want to run that way the whole game. But sure, he can do his bit, use his prowess well and find a niche for himself -in the midfield.

It would have been difficult if we say, what we could have done of course, 'look there's your contract you have to stay here' and to use him as a player in the second half of the season.

"We lost plenty of players at Dortmund". That's how it is.

While Griezmann will undoubtedly be a dream signing for Liverpool, the likelihood of the French superstar moving to Anfield instead of Manchester United or Barcelona seems very low.

"We don't play 'hero football'".

'I know they're trying to get the [Naby] Keita move brought forward, rather than the end of the season.

Coutinho is out of action for around 20 days but wants to waste no time in making his debut for the club.