Cleveland Browns Fans react to end of winless season

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The wasted timeouts, poor replay challenges and questionable play-calling have played a part in numerous defeats.

Haslam reiterated that coach Hue Jackson will return in 2018 despite a 1-31 record through two seasons. As they cleaned out their lockers a day after the 28-24 season-ending loss to the Steelers, resentment lingered from season-long criticism of the roster by Jackson and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

The Cleveland Browns' unrelenting losing streak just dragged them right into the National Football League history books.

Tomlin no doubt remembers the 2008 season, when he played his starters with the No. 2 seed secured and no opportunity to improve their playoff position in the regular-season finale against the Browns, as notes.

The 2017 Browns stumbled their way into the pathetic pantheon of rotten teams along with the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers (9-73), 1974-75 Washington Capitals (8-67-5) and 2003 Detroit Tigers (43-119) as some of the sorriest squads to ever hit the hardwood, ice or diamond.

And for the final time, go Browns! Kizer ran twice for 36 yards on the possession, including a 16-yard run that converted a third-and-15.

But the idea had a solid foundation and as the Browns slumped in the early going of 2017, it made a comeback. And with that, there were some things to take away for Cleveland as they again look to "next year", something the franchise and fans are all too familiar with. It would certainly ease the suffering of a fan base that has endured more losing seasons than any fan should be forced to endure. While most of the plays were basic, Haley did get creative a couple of times, both of which resulted in touchdowns.

All signs seemingly pointed to Jackson's departure from Cleveland with the conclusion of the season. Wide receiver Corey Coleman broke his hand in the second game.

"It helps having (cornerback) Joe Haden". That contributed to meltdowns in the fourth quarter. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes II, starting in place of Alex Smith, handed off a 24-10 lead to No. 3 QB Tyler Bray midway through the fourth quarter but came back with the score tied 24-24 and less than three minutes left. He protected the ball poorly, as his league-high 22-interceptions reflect. What I want to call attention to is that the Browns are still staring down the barrell of a Howitzer of public perception with Jimmy Haslam. "It just - damn all that", Mitchell said. Some coaches, tired of the losing and culture, might prefer to move on, two league sources said. Unfortunately, the good teams tend to keep their really good young players.

The only thing that has remained constant is Gordon's ability to ball. He's one of the guys that you would ... if we had to go to Iraq right now and he had to pick friends to go, I would [go with him] because I know what type of leader and person he is.

"We got out of the game I think pretty good from an injury standpoint", Tomlin said during his post game press conference. "B.J".

He's taken a ton of criticism for saying twice that not many coaches could've done the job he has the last two years.

"I don't think that I need to say this". Smith-Schuster came up three catches short of Troy Edwards' 61-catch rookie season in 1999 and two touchdowns shy of Louis Lipps' nine-touchdown rookie season in 1984. "I said it the other day, I'm just as big of a part of this as anybody", Jackson said.

The Coleman drop was the lowlight of the game, and while I do feel bad for him, a play like that is just inexcusable. "I'm kind of exhausted of so many people saying - even within the organization - that we don't have the guys or we need more guys". That's the most recent time Browns guard Joel Bitonio has experienced a win.

General manager John Dorsey said the people drafting before he arrived "didn't get real players" for Jackson.

It was a play that perfectly sums up the Browns' season. The seven interceptions were the fewest in franchise history.