BENUE KILLINGS: Buhari meets Gov Ortom, orders IGP to relocate

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Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom, whose state has lost 71 persons to the rampaging gunmen said they were residing in Nasarawa State.

Ortom is accusing the group of cattle breeders of being responsible for the string of attacks which has the left about 59 people dead in Benue state. The governor announced three days of mourning to be observed after the funeral.

"I didn't say that and I have not said it. The whole of Guma and Logo have been turned into desolate lands".

"The law on prohibition of Open Grazing and Establishment of Ranching was made out of the necessity to ensure that we have peace for herdsmen and farmers and that is what we have done".

"The Livestock Guards are not armed personnel". Eight people have been arrested in connection with the violence.

He believes the herdsmen group has issued enough threats to warrant a day in court. "This is not fair, and it is not acceptable".

The armed gang were reportedly arrested at Arufu, a boundary town between Taraba and Benue States.

President Muhammadu Buhari, himself a Fulani, a tribe known for nomadic animal rearing, faces accusations that he has not been tough on the menace of his kinsmen - a claim the presidency has vehemently denied.

The Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Moses Yamu who confirmed the report disclosed that a reinforcement was sent to the area from 13 PMF led by the Commander, CSP Abubakar Garba. This was established by the Federal Government in 1914.

The Information Minister, however, assured that "government is very much concerned about the herdsmen and farmers' clashes and it is receiving attention at the highest level". They risk bleeding to death like numerous victims of these attacks, which may earn him the unpleasant verdict of history as a leader who could not learn from the past and the present despite being taught repeatedly by his and others' experiences.

"Thousands of people have been displaced", Nyajo said.

"Many have been forced to flee their homes", area resident James Gbudu told Morning Star News.

In compliance with the order, Idris is moving into the troubled state with additional five units of Police Mobile Force (PMF). "These cows are their living", said Haruna Usman, Kaduna state chairperson of MACBAN.

In a statement in Awka, Anambra State by IPOB's Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, the group said the under reportage of the killings was part of the worldwide conspiracy to subdue non-Muslims. In fact numerous cattle are not owned by Fulanis or Muslims.