Amazon's Alexa Coming to Select Toyota, Lexus Models This Year

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Considering that Amazon is now leading in the category of smart home appliances, Google has taken drastic measures to prevent Alexa from moving forward.

With Amazon dominating CES past year with Alexa, it seems that Google can no longer ignore Alexa's growing influence even though Google Assistant is available on phones and tablets. The new Lenovo's smart display uses the company's IoT platform.

The company has experimented with developing a version of Google Home with a screen, Rishi Chandra, vice president of the division, told Reuters in August.

Both Smart Displays will be available starting this summer.

In November, Google launched out an upgrade that will permit you to employ Home devices in your house as intercom systems. This could one day include clues from other smart devices around your home, maybe even your thermostat. Namely, this piece of software allows you to integrate Alexa into your wireless headphones and smartwatches so you can use it wherever you want.

Neither Apple Inc's assistant Siri nor Microsoft Corp's Cortana are now available on a speaker with a tablet-like display.

With that being said, according to sources familiar with Google's plans, the company will revamp its existing online store in February.

Google and Amazon are dominating the smart speaker market.

Lenovo is known for computing, but JBL is a speaker brand first and foremost, which demonstrates the hybrid nature of these devices. In the past, one model of smart speaker broke and recorded every sound in range.

Lenovo's 8- and 10-inch Smart Display has the built-in assistant and a 10-watt speaker. The notch on the top is most likely a shutter for the camera or a mute button for the microphone, we don't know yet, but we'll keep you updated. On the flip side, you better sit back to see the biggest trend - or, put another way, whatever was overkill this particular year. If you have any feedbacks to share, kindly drop us into the comments section given below this post.