A timeline of Jose Mourinho's spat with Antonio Conte — Football

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Conte responded the other day and reminded Mourinho how he used to behave in the past.

But there is understood to be a belief it may be hard to get the Argentine released from his deal with Atletico, so other options are being considered.

Since that, Conte has explained that he will not forget the words that Jose Mourinho has said to him in recent weeks.

Conte led Chelsea to the Premier League title last year after taking over in 2016 but has never had an easy relationship with the Chelsea hierarchy and is now fully expected to move on.

"It's not football for me", he said.

Herein lies the problem for Chelsea, as the Bianconeri will be keeping a firm grasp on their Coach, unwilling to allow him to leave for England. "Until this moment Judas is number one".

MARKO ARNAUTOVIC (7.0m) is a slight doubt this weekend and that makes captaining him even more risky.

The Mail say Senior figures at the club have already started looking around for potential candidates to succeed the Italian later this year.

Chelsea's press officer, Steve Atkins has narrowly avoided serious injury after a freak accident at the training ground (via The Sun). This is the history of this club for the manager. "(But) every single club decides their own strategy".

Veteran Juventus defender Andrea Barzagli eloquently described the differences between the pair when interviewed back in 2015, the Tuscany-native having been a key part of the backline for both men. "I could answer in many different ways", he said.

Now, Jose, that's just not cricket. The Italian had a visibly receding hairline towards the end of his playing career but now boasts flowing locks.

When asked if he was content at Chelsea given all the speculation about his future, he added: "Yes, I'm happy". He's provided returns in four of the last five GWs, managing two double-figure hauls over that period as well.

"He fought like a tiger, like he likes to say, to be back, which he did". 'What never happened to me and will never happen to me is to be suspended for match-fixing'.

One man who isn't convinced is the Premier League's all-time leading goalscorer, Alan Shearer. That 2-0 Manchester United win was one of the few times in Mourinho's tenure at the club that they have really looked like a peak Mourinho side, intensely driven to the limit, and it was of course in response to the riled-up Chelsea that beat them 1-0 in the.