A Black Widow movie is closer than it's ever been

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After years of seeming like Marvel fans would never see Natasha Romanoff in a standalone movie, Variety has announced that a writer has been tapped to draft a script for a Black Widow movie. Variety notes Schaeffer caught the Marvel Studio president's eye with her Black List script, The Shower (Anne Hathaway is attached to star). The second, which Hathaway commissioned, is a female-centric take on Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, titled Nasty Women.

Johansson, on the other hand, is now seasoned superhero, chalking up numerous background and supporting roles since that 2010 debut, but this will be her first time taking the lead as Black Widow.

Emily Blunt was originally cast as Black Widow for Iron Man 2 but had to drop out after scheduling conflicts with Gulliver's Travels.

In a Vanity Fair piece, Marvel Studios Kevin Feige said the studio has "20 movies on the docket".

The lack of such a film has also been considered something of a missed opportunity since Marvel has yet to release a superhero film with a female lead. Her most recent work you will have heard of is "Olaf's Frozen Adventure", the animated short which played before "Coco" until Disney pulled it.

"I would say certainly the one, creatively and emotionally, that we are most committed to doing is Black Widow".

The question remains: why so much hesitation over the years about a dedicated Black Widow film?

Fan support has also been high, with a 2016 Fandango poll citing Black Widow as the top pick for an Avenger to get a solo film. The Charlize Theron film resonated with audiences and although her character, Lorraine Broughton, is different from Romanoff's, "there definitely is a similar sort of energy in terms of how they could be told onscreen".

With phase three culminating over the next two years with the release of two Avengers movies, the first being Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel executives are looking toward the future and Phase 4. Despite critical review of her past Marvel performances, Johansson has a history of popular films.