US Senate passes reform legislation — Republican tax bill

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Many middle income families will receive less of a burden from federal income taxes under the bill, which reorganizes tax brackets across the spectrum, though those in states with high taxes, such as New York, will lose out on other benefits. The bill also nearly doubles the standard deduction to $12,000 for single filers and $24,000 for joint filers.

The bill will go for a final approval to the House Wednesday. This has been an obsession of the ultra-wealthy for decades. Replacements will be available. The third is even more mundane: the short title of the bill - "The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act" - has no budgetary impact and will have to be nixed. Brian Schatz (D-HI), as Democrats charged the bill was nothing more than a bill written mainly by special interests. "Kill the bill!" before being escorted from the House gallery.

"We believe you're messing up America", said Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer of the GOP tax bill. Rather than calling the bill "a middle-class tax increase", say the bill initially cuts taxes on most middle-class people, that those cuts are somewhat eroded over time, and that taxpayers will be depending on future Congresses to reauthorize those cuts in the future or else they will expire, leading to tax increases. "That's just cherry-picking the numbers", Rep. Kevin Brady, R-Texas, head of the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee, told reporters Monday.

"The leadership and the House Republicans did a lot to improve the bill ... but it wasn't good enough", Rohrabacher said.

But again, the big picture is one of political pessimism and desperation leading to a public policy of generalized looting.

Republicans could have done right-leaning tax reform - basically, a revenue-neutral rooting out of distorting or unmerited tax loopholes and exemptions which are matched with a lowering of nominal rates.

Watson Coleman, a no vote, took to Twitter after the bill passed the House.

Knight said the changes turned what would have been a tax increase into a tax cut for his constituents.

Of course, voters' analysis of the bill's merits is not based solely on whether it cuts their taxes in year one. Well, there's the guy who has to sign the tax bill into law: Donald Trump. "We must always remember that taxes and debt are driven by just one thing, spending". That #2059more will make a big difference for so many people.

Where have I heard this before? Then, as now, the legislation passed on an entirely partisan basis, with the opposition complaining about a hurried process and side deals. Conceived in darkness and birthed with the help of donors and funders.

What's uncommon is referring to this income as "non-corporate business income".

So who wanted this, anyway?

The Australian dollar was also down 0.08 percent on the dollar, changing hands at 1.3054 per dollar after midday in Australian trading. "People are excited about a stronger economy and bigger paychecks", Brady said. Tax cuts are the driving force of elite Republican politics. Analysts also expect the biggest cuts to flow to corporations and the state's wealthiest residents.

Twelve of California's 14 Republican congressmen voted in favor of the GOP tax bill Tuesday. That's the story of this bill. By coincidence, the new rules will likely save him millions of dollars in taxes on his real-estate empire. The only votes that broke against party lines coming from a dozen House Republicans who voted "no".

Democrats blasted that as an assault on low-income Americans who rely on Medicaid for their health insurance.

It was probably when President George H.W. Bush announced that tax increases were on the table.