US Government to Shut Down? President Donald Trump's Tweet Sparks Fear

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"Chuck and Nancy" are, of course, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Both parties can share in the blame of uncontrolled spending, and President Trump and Republicans in Congress should take the opportunity to fulfill a long-time Republican and conservative policy objective to limit the size and scope of government.

HORSLEY: The tax bill in the Senate made it through the Budget Committee, which is a step on a path towards a floor vote. And if not, what will Republicans do to seek to avert a shutdown? "But if they want to get to a solution they ought to come to the table and start talking". Republicans had thought they were cruising along to victory in the Senate, planning for a late night vote to approve a GOP tax reform bill - but as the hours dragged on, they didn't have the deals in place to finalize that measure, as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell set up a Friday sessions, where the GOP will try again. Susan Collins of Maine said it was a "fair assumption" that she was likelier to support the bill after saying Trump agreed to make property taxes up to $10,000 deductible instead of eliminating that break entirely.

Perhaps this sort of thing was to be expected from Trump, who has described climate change as a Chinese hoax.

On a shutdown, Trump said, "If it happens it's going to be over illegals pouring into the country, crime pouring into the country, no border wall, which everyone wants".

Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., has been given several opportunities to draw a line in the sand over DACA but hasn't, at least not yet.

Does Trump think clean coal is literally coal that has been scrubbed down so that all of the grime and dirt on it has been removed? The powerful delegations want to add money for housing, agricultural aid, and water and flood control projects, while Democrats are determined to add billions of dollars for Puerto Rico. Ultimately, we will all pay a price for Trump's nihilism. That is nonsense. The much more likely reason for his criticism of the bureau is that it was established while Barack Obama was president.

"He's not advocating for a shutdown in any way".

Mr Schumer's and Ms Pelosi's decision - and Mr Trump's jabs in response - have increased the already high tensions between the President and top Democrats. With no major legislative achievement, Trump is pushing hard for the GOP to deliver a tax cut bill to him by the end of the year.

But Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Ill., a lead negotiator for Democrats, complained this week that Republicans have backed off their initial pledge to broker a compromise. The thing is, however, refusing to believe in science doesn't make you immune from its effects.

Next, it was Senate Democratic leadership's turn to get in front of the cameras and spin their side. Congress supported a bonus for World War I veterans, but Harding opposed the measure because it was not fiscally wise, especially as the nation was recovering from the depression of 1920.

Trump claimed in a weekend tweet that financial institutions "have been devastated" by the CFPB.

In a statement, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called it disappointing that Schumer and Pelosi won't meet with Trump.

There's also increased urgency to find money for the children's health program that serves more than 8 million low-income children.

Trump has staked much of his fragile political reputation on being a good steward of the economy, so failure could be damaging. "Durbin is jeopardizing the fate of DACA recipients", said a senior GOP aide, insisting on anonymity to speak frankly about the talks. The TSA, the US Post Office, federal prison staff, emergency workers, and doctors would also continue to work.