Trump signs proclamation marking Pearl Harbor Day

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The Navy recently authorized the posthumous award of a combat medal to a Sailor who was present at Pearl Harbor during the Japanese attack of Dec. 7, 1941.

It's roughly 2,000 miles from the US mainland and about 4,000 miles from Japan.

"I made one trip on a ferry from Ford Island to Pearl Harbor, helping to carry burned and injured sailors to the hospital", he says. The 89-year-old Cadillac native was 13 and in the eighth grade when the attack happened. Robert Stoll and Dick Bondi both admitted they were not expecting to be guests of honor. After all, it's December, not November. History buffs know that the quote is actually "a date that will live in infamy", but the sentiment is more or less the same.

"He wrote very thoughtful letters", Sheridan said. They rode in the back of a truck, traveling on a three-lane highway toward Hickam. The ship also participated in combat operations off Balikpapan, Borneo in the summer of 1945.

Lt. Gov. Mike Stack praised them, and by extension all members of the American military, for their past and continuing service.

As a result, the factories immediately trained women, and within a year, there were 800 women working.

Despite the devastation the Japanese left behind, 14 of the 17 damaged ships returned to service later in the war. He kidded a pal that now they were at war. We dug a foxhole to play, and one day a B-52 bomber flew over, just above the treetops, and we were standing there waving our arms at him, and he dipped his wings at us.

With a fire raging on board, the crew was forced to abandon the ship before the nearby USS O'Brien deliberately sank the Ward. Added to this were 68 civilians. "He said without that tough, hard onsite training I would have never lived through prison camp". He said people helped people.

"I'm taking the opportunity to teach (Pearl Harbor) as a world-changing event", he said. "They didn't walk with their heads down with a silly screen in their hands", Sjogren said. He is a Lackawanna County resident who was at pearl harbor on December 7th, 1941.

'They are a reminder that no matter how much you want peace it can be taken in a moment.

"We skated for about 30 years after that", Lundquist said.

The provides information on everyone from the ship who was killed in the invasion. Fifty-five Japanese also were killed.

Botts and the crew had recently pooled money to buy a camera.

The First Lady quickly resent her tweet with the correct date. If they had been ready at Pearl Harbour the loss of people and equipment might've been less'. "She was too shaken up to answer me".

The Japanese rampage across the Pacific had been turned back with the decisive Battle of Midway the previous June, while American forces had joined the British in taking the fight to the Nazis and Italians in North Africa.

"That was the second time I saw my mom cry", Bennett said. "Us kids were aware". Schmitt's family petitioned the Navy to upgrade his recognition to a combat valor award.

"It was a heck of a war", Bennett said. You canned as much food as you could. "So we thought that was so neat".