Strathmeyer Christmas Trees accepts donations for Trees for Troops

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"Our Christmas Tree association talked about it and we decided, be careful, don't up your prices any big amounts, just a modest amount".

Upside down Christmas trees have become this year's somewhat unlikely festive interiors trend. "We don't want to have huge price increases", Healey said. More than 400 million Christmas trees are now planted in the United States (about 30 million are cut, sold and replanted annually).

In the Eastern part of Canada shortage of Christmas trees are expected, but British Columbia, which, as a rule, imported evergreen beauties from US, can feel their shortage.

Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine, Andrew Doyle T.D. has encouraged people to buy a real Irish Christmas tree this Christmas.

Seyward Sebastian has been selling trees at Goodman's Tree Farm in Murrells Inlet in for 12 years. Most states' penalties result in fines ranging anywhere from $10 to $5,000 depending on the damages, and at least states list jail as a possible punishment for those who fail to secure their trees to their vehicles properly.

It's been work, year in, year out for the Bodnaruks, who hope Hatters will also make coming out an annual family tradition. Place the tree inside. Again, the Fraser fir has sturdier branches for ornaments than, say, the Balsam fir.

If you're selective, get your Christmas tree this week.

. Active duty personnel and family members will be able to pick a tree starting on December 2. "If we can mitigate issues, like keeping it watered or keeping your tree away from heating sources is really important", Muhr said.

Strathmeyer Christmas Trees accepts donations for Trees for Troops
Strathmeyer Christmas Trees accepts donations for Trees for Troops

An oversupply as the last recession reverberated forced growers to dig up and burn unsold stocks, limiting their motivation to plant in abundance, Gutzman said. "A few needles will fall out", but it shouldn't rain needles - a giveaway that the tree was cut too long ago to last the season.

The most hard thing, with six kids, is choosing a tree for their own home.

"It's the busiest opening we've ever had, and this is our 42nd year", said Mark J. Des Marais, a volunteer at St Pius X Church on York Road, which received 1,500 trees from tractor-trailers on Thanksgiving weekend. "You want to help them all, but you can't clear out the farm", Bruns said.

"Once you take it home, you need to cut about a half of an inch off the bottom of it and then put it in your stand and then start watering it", Belcher explained. "So I've always said, too, they all serve the same objective".

About 80 white or blue spruce along with some pines trees are available this year.

The director of public relations, Sara Baumann, told ABC News this year's overall theme for the resort is "Winter of Whimsy" and a grand display of the inverted tree certainly fit the bill.