Quentin Tarantino developing Star Trek film with JJ Abrams

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Details are scarce on the shape Quentin Tarantino's proposed Star Trek movie will take, although thanks to the director's word himself we may actually have a good idea of which episodes he wants to tackle. Abrams is already hard at work on Star Wars: Episode IX who came onboard the project after Colin Trevorrow and Lucasfilm went their separate ways.

Tarantino has always shied away from adapting other people's work, and usually insists in writing and directing his own films.

In a move that sounds too good to be true, Quentin Tarantino has reportedly sent a Star Trek movie pitch to JJ Abrams. Abrams (who rebooted the Star Trek franchise in 2009 to much accolades).

But a surprise name may now be in the frame for the next Star Trek film. If it's viable, Tarantino may direct, which, for the math nerds out there, would make it his final film.

Although JJ is working on Star Wars, he has apparently agreed for Tarantino to meet with a team of writers to take his idea to the next level.

This wouldn't technically be the first time for Tarantino directing an existing intellectual property - he's directed two episodes of CSI and one episode of E.R.

The Star Trek franchise as a whole is caught between being a series of straightforward summer blockbusters that draw on the emotional well of the past and something more. Now we are discussing the participation in the project of Margot Robbie, she was offered the role of actress Sharon Tate. Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise have also been mentioned.

Tarantino is known for creating his own original stories such as Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, The Hateful Eight, and more.

The film, which was slated to be released on August 9, 2019, the 50th anniversary of actress Sharon Tate's death, has no set cast.