Jimbo Fisher on leaving FSU for Texas A&M: A 'no-brainer'

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Jarmond's patience was rewarded when Addazio followed up the Oct. 7 loss to the Hokies with three straight ACC victories and wins in five of their last six games.

Monday, Texas A&M officially introduced Fisher as the school's 29th head football coach among a throng of media and fans.putting a bow on one fo this season's premier coaching hires. And Herman's deal guarantees $45 million less.

A shoulder patch on the uniform features a blue background with crossed bayonets to denote the infantry and represents the Roman numeral 10 for the unit's number.

But A&M officials stressed Monday that they think Fisher is worth the money. Which ones were the five best games that rise above the rest during the past eight seasons the Seminoles have taken the field?

How is that possible? And for context, here's the complete quote that has people squawking.

Can't get enough of Campus Sports? He coached eight seasons with the NFL's Jets and Kansas City Chiefs, going 54-74, and was fired in 2008 after the Chiefs went 2-14.

But the numbers are a little misleading. He did not coach in the Seminoles' regular-season finale; defensive tackles coach Odell Haggins served as interim coach. Once those dollars stop coming in, revenue will dip.

JUST BETWEEN US...It was sickening listening to Cris Collinsworth and Al Michaels cheerleading for the Philadelphia Eagles while "objectively" broadcasting the NBC Sunday Night Football game at Seattle. All history, including recent history, confirms the foolishness of faith in man. The former Florida State coach was treated to a triumphant welcome and held his introductory presser yesterday. But it is clear the Aggies are committed to one thing - winning.

He thanked plenty of FSU figures Monday morning, including the legendary Bobby Bowden, president John Thrasher and athletic director Stan Wilcox.

Ultimately these big named, blueblood universities are multi-million dollar corporations that feed into the multi-billion dollar industry that is NCAA Division I College Football, and they have just one bottom line objective in sight - increasing the bottom line.

Texas A&M isn't shy about getting rid of a coach with a winning record, either.

Ohio State fans are really crying the blues by losing out to Alabama for the fourth and final spot in this year's College Football Playoff. "And I say this with due diligence: Your expectations will never be greater than mine".

"But in our life, there's opportunities out there you see".

Fisher, who agreed to a 10-year, $75 million contract with the Aggies, cited his relationship with athletic director Scott Woodward and the school's resources as the main factors in his decision.

Fun Fact III: Texas A$M boosters have offered to buy Fisher every recruit west of the Mississippi.

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