IPhone software glitch causing phones to reboot over and over again

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Users can download the 430.7MB iOS 11.2 update by navigating to Settings General Software Update.

Usually when Apple releases a new iOS update, it's done so in the middle of the day on a Monday or Tuesday.

-Update your device to iOS 11.2.

Releasing iOS 11.2 on a Friday night is a bit odd, but that might be because some iPhones keep rebooting themselves because of a time bug.

Or you could also stick with the iOS 11 and don't further upgrade it to a later 11.0.x version.

'This is an iOS 11 bug'.

Further, iOS 11.2 also comes with faster 7.5W Qi wireless charging, as promised. It improves the overall stability and offers great performance with smooth User Interface.

Reddit, a popular American social news aggregation and discussion website, have been swamped with complaints about the operating system such as "For the iPhone, the iOS 11 contains the most bugs" - a complaint that received hundreds of comments. Afterward, you can open the Messages app and select the Apple Pay Cash option at the bottom of the screen within a chat thread.

If you do not disable notifications, then your device might restart while the iOS 11.2 update is installing and cause even more problems.

If you would prefer to, you can also update your iPhone using iTunes.

It is not the first software problem faced by Apple this week.

One feature that will be arriving with the future update is Apple Pay Cash.

Tap on the app you want to disable. Users can send cash through a linked credit or debit card, while received money can be stored in an Apple Pay cash card or sent to a bank account.

Other additions in iOS 11.2 include Apple Pay Cash integration. But there's no saying if the problem will return or not, which is why a permanent fix straight from Apple is recommended. So you can simply remove and can get rid of all the issues on your phone. A few other tidbits are also included in this update. The best alternative was to turn off third-party notifications.