Hulu is messy. Here's how it fits into Disney's streaming plans

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Fox is selling its movie and television production studios, the FX channels, its regional sports channels and its stake in Hulu and Sky TV to Disney, pending government approval. That could allow for greater development in the area, as planners would factor the commuting trips that would go by train. A relatively inexpensive outdoor antenna can deliver all kinds of free TV on top of that. The inspirational and edgeless Queen of Katwe represents Disney's most focused bid for a best picture horse in recent years, and came up dry at nomination time.

What it doesn't include is the profitable, and controversial, Fox News Channel, Fox Business cable news networks, the FS1 cable sports channel, the Big Ten Network and a television broadcasting business that consists of 28 TV stations and the Fox broadcast network.

Fox's stock had lost momentum until word of the Disney deal.

The most fascinating part of this story, though, is the following... Disney is also set to release its "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" in theaters Friday.

And then came Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, Luke Cage, Ozark, Narcos, The Punisher, Daredevil, The Crown, 13 Reasons Why, Jessica Jones, Sense8, etc. But if the AT&T and Time Warner deal has taught us anything, it's not to take mega-media mergers for granted.

Weil, Gotshal & Manges is advising The Goldman Sachs Group its role providing a bridge loan commitment of up to $9 billion to help finance the deal, which is valued at $66.1 billion when including $13.7 billion in 21st Century Fox debt.

Interesting times are clearly on hand for the media and entertainment business in India. A developer could transform it into a master-planned mixed-use campus, with high-end luxury condos, retail and office spaces - the largest such project in Los Angeles since the Playa Vista development two decades ago. Entertainment Weekly notes that in light of Disney's $52 billion acquisition 20th Century Fox, Anastasia, along with a whole bunch of other not-technically-Disney-yet-very-Disney-like heroines are now finally, officially Disney princesses. As tantalizing a prospect as Captain America Meets the Predator might be, the focus must remain on predators and Americans. And with it, Disney India will get more than 70 odd million active users consuming a multiple billion minutes a month of content. The common thought is that telcos are becoming the new gatekeepers.

The job has given the 86-year-old media tycoon, who has long curried political influence in Australia and Britain, direct access to Trump.

He'll want to prove that there is still a place for the likes of News Corp in the new digital world of Netflix, free digital news and content at the tip of your fingers on Facebook.

And the ESPN subscription service would cater to sports fans. What would Magneto make of Scarlet Witch who, in the comics, is actually his daughter but whose backstory was retconned to accommodate the MCU's lack of mutant rights. In the first fiscal quarter, Fox saw international ad revenue jump 10 percent, fueled by double-digit increases in growth through Star India, while in the United States the company saw 3 percent growth in ad revenue.