How to Use Apple Pay Cash and Avoid the 3% Transaction Fee

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It seems all the tech companies are trying their hardest to replace cash. As we pointed out yesterday, that was because the service was not yet live. Today, we embrace money's intangibility as pixels on a screen. Bank accounts that support the service can also receive transfers from Apple Pay as well.

Apple has released watchOS 4.2 for Apple Watch. Go to Settings Wallet Apple Pay Apple Pay Cash and tap the button to toggle it on.

You'll need to verify your identity.


Apple Pay Cash: What Is It?

Moreover, users also disabled notifications for the affected apps to ensure that their iPhone and iPad worked without crashes. As for when Apple Pay Cash will land in Canada, your guess is as good as mine. It's a digital card/account that lives on your iPhone. Rather than transferring directly between debit cards, what happens is that the sender uses their debit or credit card to buy an Apple Pay Cash card. The first and foremost thing that the users need to realize is that this peer-to-peer payment system is only accessible for customers residing in the United States.

Apple on Saturday, December 2 published an update of the operating system for mobile devices - iOS 11.2.

Apple has released iOS 11.2 update with support for Apple Pay Cash and enhanced wireless charging. However, given that the update is being pushed out early could be the reason Pay cash isn't part of it. The money can be spent anywhere Apple Pay is accepted and that is pretty much everywhere at this point.

With its features, it surely is a competitor to similar apps, like Venmo and Square Cash.

'You can start using the cash right away to make purchases using Apply Pay in stores, in apps, and on the web.

Apple Pay Cash: Are There Fees?

Once users installed it, however, Apple Pay Cash was nowhere to be seen.

Apple Pay Cash: What Devices Support It?