Google Releases a Stripped-down Version of Android for Entry-Level Devices

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However the Go Edition is not an altogether different operating system than the primary version of Android.

If you're not rocking a Google device then you might be waiting a while longer for any of these updates, but Pixel and Nexus users should have a shiny new Android version in around a day.

Google has launched Files Go, an app that should finally put all third-party file managers to rest. Since these devices come with less internal storage (which average 8GB), most of it is taken up by the operating system and pre-installed apps. After the release, OEMs can start producing the low-end phones powered by Android Oreo Go.

Devices running Android Oreo (Go Edition) is now limited to developers and may take some time to reach the end users.

Google Go is a new information app that promises to reduce data by up to 40 percent and takes up 5MB of space. As the company notes in a recent blog post, there are now more Android users in India than the USA, making it a huge market, along with other developing countries.

The company also unveiled one of the optimised apps, "Files Go" which was earlier available in beta mode, for all Android smartphones.

It will also let users create a closed network accessible only by approved smartphones in the vicinity to share files by creating a hotspot, which the company says is 200 times faster than Bluetooth transfers.

These apps also won't drain too much of your monthly data allotment, due to Google's data saver features being turned on by default.

The user can also manage which apps can use background data with the built-in feature, giving them more control over how data is used.

Google launched Android Go at Google I/O 2017 which aims at providing a better experience on the entry level android devices with less memory. There will also be an option of peer-to-peer sharing and the entry-level smartphones will also have the same key security features as Android Oreo.

The list of apps that have been refined include Google, Google Assistant, Google Maps, Gmail, Chrome, YouTube and Files. We can't wait for our partners' devices to hit shelves in the coming months. It will regularly scan apps on the smartphone and flag malicious content-even when the device is offline.