Gift distribution week begins for Salvation Army

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And, yet, one of our most valued charities, the Salvation Army, appears to be lagging behind its fundraising goal, both nationally and locally.

Salvation Army volunteer Roy Dueck stands with a donation kettle at Polo Park shopping centre Tuesday. Donations can be made at using a credit card or PayPal.

"I enjoy meeting the people, mostly", said Manning, dressed in a dark blue blazer. Disabled and on a limited budget, she said the compassion demonstrated by the community is appreciated, especially during this holiday season.

"With all the other worries that they are carrying, they are walking out with relief in their bags", she said.

- The Salvation Army of Metro Atlanta said Tuesday it has a "dire shortfall" of donations this holiday season, due in part to a shortage of bell ringers.

"That means this week we're hoping to make up that amount so we can reach our goal of $1.9 million", says Locke.

To provide these services every year, we rely on donations from our annual Red Kettle campaign. The trees had paper tags on them with a child's name and the gifts they want and need.

"The Red Kettle Campaign helps us survive all year long to give food assistance, bus tickets, clothing vouchers and utility assistance", explained Captain Danielson.

The Salvation Army's bell ringers will gladly accept your pennies, nickels and dimes, your rumpled dollar bills or, should you be in an especially generous mood, your Benjamins and Krugerrands. Winter snow, she said, can remind people that there are less fortunate individuals who are out in the cold. "But do we need to stay with the times? And they bought a bed for the angel and we have that bed, and it's waiting to go", said Lieutenant Houston. They become stockholders in changing lives.

Thanks to the generosity of others, it's like the slate has been wiped clean, Lori said.

"We are the Lord's little angels", she said.