Facebook to demote posts with 'engagement bait'

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This week, Facebook is making some changes to how posts are displayed in your timeline.

Facebook is rolling out this new feature, go and check it out.

On Monday, the social network said it would start demoting posts that exploit its algorithm, which prioritizes updates with high engagement.

Social media, the article said, can be detrimental to personal well-being when it is passively consumed rather than actively engaged with. Like if you think cats are best. Page Admins should continue to focus on posting relevant and meaningful stories that do not use engagement bait tactics. The company makes tweaks regularly to prioritize content (like video) and reduce posts that feel inauthentic (like clickbait).

That doesn't mean you have to accept defeat. Now, Facebook says they're cracking down on the attention-seeking posts. Facebook introduces a new "Snooze" feature giving you more control over your News Feed. The interesting bit is, they won't even get to know that you have unfollowed them.

The crux of Facebook's argument was that someone's mental health might be affected in a bad way if they passively use Facebook without interacting with anyone.

Facebook encourages Facebook Page admins to read and understand the Facebook Newsfeed Guidelines in order to avoid triggering a demotion. We will have to see how Snooze gets implemented on Facebook's mobile apps versus desktop.

The phenomenon is becoming increasingly common on Facebook. "Like this post if you're a Sagittarius", "share with 20 friends to win a auto", "Tag someone who loves bacon", and "comment to pay your respects to this sad turtle", are some examples of the posts Facebook is aiming to address. However, many people still don't know this feature exists, but the Snooze button will be far more evident. The organization is concentrating on engagement bait posts that are not valid, one of the organization's center values for the news feed.