Extreme cold follows big dump of lake effect snow

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Dangerously cold temperatures will persist Thursday with wind chill values as low as minus 5 in the morning and a high of 16 degrees.

The low for the state was 3 below on Monday, 16 degrees below normal and 18 degrees above the record low set in 2000. As for today, the cold temperature trend hasn't changed, but some of us will see the snow showers return tonight.

The weather forecast for Saturday is coming into better focus, with regard to the possibility of snow.

Forecasters will issue a "Winter Storm Warning", "Blizzard Warning" or "Ice Storm Warning" when snow or sleet, blowing snow or ice accumulation is expected to cause significant impact to life or property. Highs will drop back down into the upper 20s on Sunday with partly sunny conditions.

At the summit of Mount Marcy on Wednesday, the weather service predicts a low temperature of minus-13.

Once the cold arrives, it sticks around for several days, but there may be a trade-off that keeps the weather quieter than it could be for New England - dry air. That same data shows that on the average December 27 is about 31 degrees, what some would consider a welcome relief when starring at the thermometer this Wednesday.

High temperatures through the weekend are forecast to be in single digits above and below zero, while lows are predicted to reach 20 below zero or colder. The arctic air hangs around much of next week with sub-freezing temperatures possible through next Wednesday.

As you've just read, we have a bitter cold stretch ahead for the kids' school vacation. And check the Pistons and Red Wings schedules - Little Caesars Arena is a great place to watch a game. Or, for a lot of fun on the cheap, take them bowling!