Ex-FBI chief confirms 'secret' account — Comey on Twitter

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Can a sitting president face criminal prosecution for obstruction of justice? On Sunday in a tweet President Trump had disparaged the Bureau as having a reputation "in tatters - worst in history". Asked if he might fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions if he fails to investigate the White House's political opponents, Trump said, "I don't know".

The state is traditionally a prominent stop for candidates in US presidential elections. And that's "The Angle". "He cannot obstruct himself!" Big data will drive the future of your health care Aetna brings a deep treasure trove of data to the table in this deal.

A month ago, on Nov. 2, Trump made little effort to hide his annoyance with his inability to pursue partisan vengeance through federal law enforcement. No. The only thing in tatters is the President's respect for the rule of law.

Flynn pleaded guilty Friday to lying to the FBI about reaching out to Russian officials.

Fox News has obtained a photo of Peter Strzok, the longtime FBI deputy fired by Special Counsel Robert Mueller over his bias against President Trump.

"It is truly an honor to represent you", Wray said. Comey testified that he "took it as a direction" to drop the probe into Flynn, but did not obey it.

Yates had warned the White House that Flynn created a "compromise situation" and could have been "blackmailed" as a result of his foreign contacts. "You as a consumer pay an office visit charge and typically that's it - no balance billing and no shock bills".

Seidman and other lawyers cautioned that Trump's tweet is far from conclusive evidence of wrongdoing. The companies are pushing for the proposals to be included as part of any broader tax-credit extension legislation Congress could take up before the end of the year or, more likely, next year. I'm not supposed to be doing the kinds of things that I would love to be doing. Prosecutors have to prove that a person specifically intended to meddle with the proceedings, a high bar to clear.

Pushed by American Electric Power, coal producers Peabody Energy and Arch Coal and the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, a coalition of coal producers and coal-dependent utilities. The FBI is strong.

The department has already provided members of House leadership and the Intelligence Committee with "several hundred pages of classified documents" and multiple briefings - including whether any FBI payments were made related to the dossier - and has cleared witnesses including McCabe and Strzok to testify, she said. "We have precedents that clearly establish that".

This is what meddling in an election looks like - only it was done domestically, by the Obama administration and our own Justice Department. This is not an act of criminality but the pursuit of an entirely lawful, legitimate policy objective.

The Moore campaign said Trump told Moore in a phone call from Air Force One on Monday, "Go get 'em Roy".

In this case, Dowd said Trump "had every right to express his 'hopes' for Flynn".

Trump tweeted over the weekend that he sensed then-national security adviser Michael Flynn misled to the FBI about his connection with the Russian ambassador prior to terminating him.

Dr. Harlan Ullman has served on the Senior Advisory Group for Supreme Allied Commander Europe (2004-2016) and is currently Senior Advisor at Washington D.C.'s Atlantic Council, chairman of two private companies and principal author of the doctrine of shock and awe.