Zimbabweans get long-awaited deliverance from the evil Mugabe — De Souza

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In 1980, when Zimbabwe got independence from Britain, the (largely ceremonial) presidency was held by Canaan Banana, with Mugabe serving as prime minister.

Yes, yes, yes. We've got a lot of people we've been moving with the agenda.

The army seized power after Mugabe sacked Mnangagwa, ZANU-PF's favourite to succeed him, in a bid to smooth a path to the presidency for his wife Grace, 52, known to her critics as "Gucci Grace" for her reputed fondness for luxury shopping. But Mugabe's time is finally up.

What will follow Mugabe remains to be seen. The elections - if conducted in a credible way - will provide the next government with the legitimacy it needs to take the country out of its political and economic crises. The military then quickly stepped in to declare an end to an agonizingly prolonged misadventure in corrupt governance.

The massive anti-Mugabe protests that took place over the weekend were a clear rejection of that legacy.

The man who'll soon be sworn in to replace Robert Mugabe as leader of Zimbabwe, has returned to Harare and pledged to resurrect an economy that's on its knees.

Tsvangirai said that he, Mnanagagwa and "others" would "need to sit down and redefine a new chapter". They therefore have vested interests in the survival of the party.

A more pessimistic - but far more likely - outcome is that Mnangagwa simply takes power. The ruling party had instructed government ministers to boycott a cabinet meeting that Mugabe called for Tuesday morning at State House, the president's official residence, and instead attend a meeting at party headquarters to work on the impeachment. Now, our focus is to put Emmerson Mnangagwa on check so that he is not going to behave like Robert Mugabe.

But what what I'm getting at is, the new president, Mnangagwa, is a very intelligent man. Together with friends, he has been working for this moment for a while.

Members of Zimbabwe's parliament were jubilant at Mr Mugabe's resignation.

And they have played a key role in neutralising political opponents.

The United States views Zimbabwe differently.

"Today we are witnessing the unfolding of a new unfolding democracy".

Despite the guarantees offered by Mnangagwa and the military, the former leader may still prefer exile. The first lady of Zimbabwe eventually evolved into a figure who was part mother of the nation, part Kris Jenner: a celebrity "momager" who wore designer outfits while she fed the rural masses and didn't hesitate to get into physical altercations with those who crossed her or her children. Will he also cooperate with the opposition now? For the last two years, Washington has resisted British attempts to arrange a financial bailout for Mugabe.

Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of Zimbabwe's opposition party Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T), said that Mugabe's resignation had hopefully led to opportunities for Zimbabwe.

In 1999, I was in Zimbabwe on a mission trip. "The voice of the people is the voice of God", he told supporters.