XBOX One X First Impressions

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Now they can take home a beautiful piece of jewelry for a loved one and also receive a wildly popular Xbox One S bundle - all in a single stop. And even though inevitably people will begin comparing performance to that of a PC, bear in mind that at this price there's just no way you could build a PC that could even come close - or even for double that amount.

"I spent some time playing Gears of War 4 with its new up-to-60fps "performance mode".

This early on in its lifecycle it's hard to say which modes will end up being the most common, but right now it seems that developers are taking a liberal interpretation of what 'Xbox One X enhanced' actually means. The Fall Update is still rather cluttered, with half a dozen links to try and drag you into Microsoft's community or their storefronts for games or video.

We are living in the age of the unnecessary upgrade.

It's worth noting that not every already-released game that's been flagged for Xbox One X enhancements will be ready for launch.

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Microsoft has spent the past several years course-correcting, dropping the little-supported Kinect peripheral, lowering the price consistently, updating the UI, and releasing the slickly redesigned Xbox One S last year. Sign into your XBOX account and you could potentially download some games that you had on prior consoles (depending on how they were bought) automatically.

The redesigned cooling makes use of fancy manufacturing techniques and technologies such as vapour chamber heat pipes and matching the heatsink to the chipset to ensure the best possible fit. If nothing else, the Xbox One X is future-proofing for us console faithful. "Hell at $500 its twice the price of the $250 Xbox One S, which also supports UHD Blu-rays, 4K, and HDR".

The Xbox One X will undoubtedly sell to a smaller, tech dedicated audience who want that 4K power and Microsoft has never shied away from admitting it is aiming for that audience. A console is an investment in the home.

I even tried to take screencaps using my Elgato Game Capture before I realised my Xbox One X looked down upon it like the citizens of Montreal did to me when I tried speaking to them in French.

Embargo just lifted for the Xbox One X reviews, and I've been putting Microsoft's latest gaming console through the motions over the last week. By the time you read this, you'll already know the general consensus on the new Microsoft console and the hardware and technical capability aspect will have long been addressed.

The number of Pins a player can stick to the home screen has been expanded to 40, so players can create shortcuts for all the games and services they want to see and reach quickly.

In moments of uncertainty, you go to the advanced video settings menu in the Xbox and hit "4K TV details", it'll show you which cylinders are firing in terms of frame rate, UHD, HDR, etc. A few more tricks: You can filter your games by their One X enhancement status to verify if you're playing the most updated version, and you can also see precisely which version you've downloaded by selecting the game tile and simultaneously pressing menu/page/right-bumper/left-bumper on the controller.

The difference is really subtle. The improvement is a bit of clarity, but to a degree you have to actively look for to appreciate.

3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ - This holiday season, Helzberg Diamonds ®, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is teaming up with Microsoft to offer customers the rare chance to win one of one hundred of the highly anticipated Xbox One X's, billed as the most powerful gaming console on the market.

It is a family entertainment command centre - something you watch the highest resolution HDR 4K Blu-ray DVDs on, as well as everything from Netflix to Youtube.

The likes of Horizon Zero Dawn look as good, if not better, than some PC titles running at true 4K. Despite the size, it weighs around 8.4 pounds. For those extra pounds, gamers are treated to a more powerful processor, a few more teraflops of graphical power, and 12GB GDDR5 compared to 8GB GDDR5.

Admittedly, I took it out of the box without having played the Xbox One S. The big difference on the One X is that the sluggish feeling that's nagged the Xbox One interface since its launch in 2013 is finally gone. Currently however, no game is made with the Xbox One X as the baseline. Additionally, the Fall Update and redesign includes provisions to let you select to download 4K assets and copy your profile and console settings to the drive to make that initial set up even smoother, with local network transfers another option.

Like the Xbox 360 before, and the PlayStation 2 before then, the PlayStation 4 has almost unanimously won this generation's console battle. Why?