Who is the suspect in deadly attack in New York?

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Because the next attack can and will claim one of our family members.

Eight people were killed on the bike path before the driver was shot by police.

Officials said they believe Saipov acted alone and they do not believe the attack was part of a bigger plot.

At the time, federal agents were already at the couple's New Jersey home, urging her to cooperate in the investigation, The Post reported.

Teams of news reporters ravage the streets to beat each other to get the scoop and maybe, if lucky, a nice shining statue for excellence.

Now, some are afraid they will be made to answer for the actions of a man many leaders of the community say they didn't know. President Trump derided the suspect as "sick and deranged". "We condemn this act of violence". It is unclear whether he sold the rig. You can't win in a defensive mode. They're also not permitted to have more than three minor violations, such as speeding tickets, within the past three years.

That's where he may have rented the truck that he turned into a weapon. Miller said that fits a common mold of radicalization occurring online. "This a nice neighbourhood", said Mildred Malave, 56, who lives a few blocks north but whose husband works at a recycling company about 30 meters down the street from Saipov's place. Uber has said he passed a background check. Andrew Cuomo called it a terrorist attack. At the time, he listed an address in Paterson, New Jersey, and he had a New Jersey driver's license.

Aida R. Mackic, interfaith and youth program director for CAIR-Florida, said the organization has not confirmed which Tampa area mosque Saipov may have attended but would "cooperate" with authorities. "We are in contact with and are assisting law enforcement".

Damian Erskine, 34, a graphic designer, and his girlfriend ordered an Uber by cellphone and were picked up by a "polite and friendly" man in a white Toyota Sienna, who helped them with their bags, offered them water, and engaged in friendly conversation throughout the roughly hour-long drive.