Where is our Xbox One X review?

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Okay, not at all - partially because I'm not about to upload a 4K screenshot on a website that'll display it around 800 pixels wide... and again, because of that aforementioned HDR thing.

However, the rise in Microsoft's Xbox Software and Services revenues was counterbalanced by the decline in gaming hardware revenues.

Buying a 4K television is no longer a bank loan exercise, at less than $2000 you can own a very large and very high performing 4K HDR television. With Gears of War 4, I had to teach myself to spot the subtle difference by switching between an Xbox One S and One X rapidly, back to back. Broadly, this is still true, but the stratification of features makes things makes your decision more complicated than ever.

After I booted everything up, I quickly found my favorite new "X-centric" UI option - the "enhanced" tab. As a nice bonus, the Xbox One S also lets you back up your settings to your external hard drive. Although it grew 21%, it only led to 1% growth in gaming revenues. There's also plenty of wisdom in simply waiting a while before you buy the One X, especially if you haven't moved to a 4K TV yet. That question weighs even heavier when you consider there are zero X exclusive games - they're all playable on the standard console. Yes, it will be slightly more expensive. So really, the Xbox One X is more than just a gaming console, it is a full entertainment unit.

There are a fair few elements that contribute to the One X's improved performance and graphical prowess.

Like the Xbox 360 before, and the PlayStation 2 before then, the PlayStation 4 has almost unanimously won this generation's console battle. Why? Hit A to bring up the menu, and then Add To Home. Enhanced games that render at 4K are automatically supersampled to 1080p, resulting in high-quality antialiasing, textures, and richer environments. When the XBOX One S arrived it became one of the best value 4K Blu-Ray players, let alone a gaming console!

Microsoft's new top-end system has been created to give the most serious gamers - and those willing to pay £450 - the very best experience possible.

While steaming content from apps like Netflix is also supported, streaming your own content has a little while to go. But it's also still an Xbox One and not its successor. This will apply to all games. It will take time for game developers to be able to fully tap its capabilities in terms of true 4K gaming, but the Xbox One X will be ready for those titles for several years to come.

Another noticeable improvement is the load times.

And at the time of writing, not many games have had their Xbox One X enhancements patched into the game (most current titles will require an update to look their best).

For those that do, the X's benefits are immediately apparent.

An initial complication that we experienced was making the most of our Samsung 4K HDR TV with the new console.We had to make some changes to the port settings on the TV to enable HDR and a variable bit-rate on the port. This then allowed the XBOX One X to do all of it's great work.

A scene from Gears of War 4. Multiplayer runs at a consistent 4K60FPS, and campaign/horde have a performance or visual toggle.

Once loaded, even massive games like Gears of 4 play smoothly. It's quite magical and until you have your hands on a Switch, it's hard to explain in words just how cool it is to be able to pick up your home console, and take it with you on the go easily.

The Xbox One X is a very impressive collection of hardware crammed into a sleek case.

2018 for Xbox needs to be about exclusives and a diverse lineup of games.

So if you're asking me point blank if the X is worth it if you have the TV to support it, I'd say absolutely. To the layperson, this might not sound like such a big deal, but it's actually significant for Gears of War 4.

Of course this painful either/or scenario only applies if you have an expensive 4K TV. So to is what gamers can expect from video gamers that are Xbox One X enhanced.

Directly below that sits a row of smaller, recent activity tiles and then there is the expanded area of customisation: Pins. Go nuts, but remember it's always wise to wait and see how many games get enhanced and how well their enhancement works.