Twitter removes verified blue badge from far-right accounts after changing rules

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The rules are created to account for behaviour "on and off" Twitter, meaning users can lose their blue ticks even if they do not violate its rules directly.

The social network said it would strip the verification badge from accounts that are not in keeping with the new set of guidelines it issued on Wednesday.

The company said its blue checkmarks were never meant to be endorsements, but became de facto status symbols - especially after the application process opened to the public.

The tweeter will take back the blue badge from many Twitter accounts especially from those who don't follow the basic guidelines of verified and authentic accounts.

Richard Spencer and other prominent white nationalists have lost their official verifications on Twitter - meaning the blue check marks next to their names are gone. Accepting their mistake and that they should have taken action in advance, Twitter stated that opening up the verification process for public submission has done more harm.

Twitter said that it reserves the right to remove verification from a user's account at any moment without prior notice, and it also highlighted that removal could be a effect of user behaviour both on and off the platform itself. Even then, the company lacked clarity on how it verified users and awarded accounts with the verified status. Twitter is removing badges from white supremacists and members of the alt-right.

Previously verified accounts may not be eligible to have their blue ticks restored, it warned. Given that liberals, who are increasingly zealous about policing each other's speech, inform the tech giant's policies in the first place, they may eventually be the only ones able to keep up with Twitter's evolving rules.

"Is it not okay be proudly White?" "Our agents have been following our verification policy correctly, but we realized some time ago the system is broken and needs to be reconsidered", Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted last week.

To start with, Twitter removed the verified status for Twitter handle "Baked Alaska".

According to Twitter's new policies, if a verified account promotes violence or encourages other users to incite violent acts on people based purely on their race, sexual orientation, or other qualities that make them a minority, they may lose their verification.

Tommy Robinson shared the email he received from Twitter several times and included the captions "And so it begins, #BlueTickLivesMatter and 'the truth is now hate speech".