Trump confuses everyone with first tweet after account is back up

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In another amusing twist, Twitter announced that the employee deleted Trump's account on their last day of work at the social media network.

Twitter pulled the plug on the hyperactive president on Thursday evening. This house cleaning need not be construed as singling out Donald Trump (even if he did inspire it), but as a way to scrub an effective but increasingly grungy platform, regardless of who the account or the followers belong to.

Until just now, when Trump finally sent out a - guess what - tweet about the incident.

"What if someone had hijacked the President's Twitter and issued policies for DHS or DOD that the department wasn't aware it had to implement?"

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act is both a criminal and civil statute, which could also open up the contractor for a potential lawsuit.

This Twitter user described the deactivation as "a glitch in the Matrix".

"This is no laughing matter", she said.

Other social media platforms do this.

Twitter's government account later shared an update. That's presumably because Twitter is working to restore the handle to normal.

For the time being, it seems Trump is on Twitter to stay.

Some of these abilities are necessary-in my own day, I needed to be able to access user's private messages, for instance, when they were flagged for spam or for harassment. The U.S. president often uses Twitter to disseminate his thinking, sometimes making disparaging remarks. Fewer staffers have the ability to deactivate an account.

He said he had been told by Twitter that he had violated its rules.

When reports first surfaced about the outage, Twitter officials initially blamed "human error".

It said that Mr Trump's tweet was "newsworthy".

While some called for the account to be taken down again others defended the Presidents right to free speech. Once it came back online, Dorsey tweeted that the suspension was the result of "an internal mistake".