Top North Korean Official Says Nuke Program Targets Only US - Reports

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Morgulov stressed that the crisis in the Korean Peninsula cannot be solved by putting pressure on the isolated dictatorship, which according to him may lead to a humanitarian catastrophe.

Last week, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson noted that the regime went 60 days without testing another missile, although he wasn't sure if U.S. sanctions produced that calm.

The South Korea presidential office claimed no decision has been made on the future of the military activity, while the defence ministry refused to comment.

However, a specific timeframe for the reopening of the bridge was not mentioned.

With the South Korean games taking place less than 300miles from the North's capital they would be within easy reach of any potential strike.

It is a virtually impossible task for us to offer North Korea a plan it would agree to negotiate. The word "songbun" should be notorious around the world.

North Korea conducted its sixth nuclear test on Sept. 3 and hasn't launched a missile since lobbing one over Japan on Sept. 15.

Mr Morgulov said: "To my regret, I have to say that there is an apocalyptic scenario for the development of events in this region". Fall is the harvest season in North Korea, a major operation in a frequently food-strapped country that diverts many resources away from the weapons program. The back-and-forth rhetoric between the North Korean dictator and U.S. President Donald Trump is disturbing.

Russia has urged both sides to stop walking towards war - calling on the US to move its military might out of the region, and the North to comply with UN nuclear restrictions.

"The closing of Friendship Bridge - closing temporarily this key land route, from what some reports are saying are, because of 'poor road conditions' - could just be an excuse and a very well-timed signal to Pyongyang that their missile and nuclear tests from the summer went too far and created too much tension in Northeast Asia", Kazianis said.

In September, North Korea's foreign minister warned that a strike against the U.S. mainland is "inevitable" after President Donald Trump mocked North Korean leader Kim Jong Un with the nickname "Little Rocket Man". The state estimated that a 150-kiloton-yield nuclear warhead detonated over Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam would kill 18,000 people and injure up to 120,000, according to the Star-Advertiser.

The minute hand is assessed each year, and the clock's time "conveys how close we are to destroying our civilization with dangerous technologies of our own making". The Valdai Discussion Club is a think tank based in Russia.

Mr. Trump has often said he relies on his "gut instinct" to do the right thing.

John H. Bunzel is a political scientist on the faculty at Stanford University. "It was closed in July 2016". He resides in Mount Pleasant.