This Is How the Galaxy S9 Plans to Beat iPhone X

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The SM-G888 family of devices has been used before, with the model number always found near Galaxy X rumors.

Samsung has already announced that it aims to launch a foldable smartphone next year under its Galaxy Note brand.

It is still unclear whether the name of the phone is Galaxy X or Galaxy X1, we are certainly unclear about it. The phone has received Bluetooth and Wi-Fi certification earlier so the new Foldable Samsung Galaxy X would be official very soon as all the certifications of the phone have been passed out.

A report by LetsGoDigital suggests that the phone will feature two display, one out of which will be flexible and since not all parts could be made bendable, the phone will only be bending on one side.

The Galaxy X reportedly bearing the model number SM-G888N0 has appeared on Samsung Korea's website, all the more a cementing evidence that the company is gearing up for its upcoming release. For starters, the rumored Galaxy X will supposedly feature foldability, which is due to a series of hinges.

The company might be planning to use the same 8 MP front-facing autofocus sensor with a new technology, which will be something similar to that of the TrueDepth Detection system, which projects 30,000 infrared dots to the users face to confirm the authorised access for the smartphone.

Samsung has reportedly published a support page for its folding smartphone
SAMSUNGSamsung has reportedly published a support page for its folding smartphone

The Galaxy S9 will come with 2D face recognition just like its precursors rather than 3D due to unspecific technological limitations, according to Business Korea. We've also read that the phone will have either 4GB or 6GB of RAM, a dual-lens rear camera and it'll be pricier than any previous Galaxy S phone at launch.

This is something Samsung has toyed with before, the Galaxy S8 already boasts a face scanning feature. As per the experts, iris scanner is one of the most secure forms of biometric authentication that is now around.

Apple has patented a foldable device which uses "carbon nanotubes" to allow the screen to fold whilst still in operation. For any further need, you can take notes.

Samsung's radical new foldable phone codenamed Galaxy X is in the news again, this time thanks to the company allotting a separate support page dedicated to the device. The "NO" suffix means that this device will be for the Korean market.

By comparison, the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus will likely launch worldwide.