Star Wars: Battlefront II - How To Farm Credits & Battle Points

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But due to the works of Redditors and gamers from all over the web, DICE and EA changed their minds.

Battlefront 2 is finally out, and when they're not busy frothing about loot crates and microtransactions, one thing the fans generally agree on is that the story is fantastic and Iden Versio is a great lead character.

Keep in mind, however, EA's phrasing: "The ability to purchase crystals in-game will become available at a later date", with the promise of "changes" to the progression system.

The Arcade is one of the quickest ways to earn credits in game, with each mission completion earning you 100 credits, and generally taking just a few minutes to beat.

It was developed by EA DICE, in collaboration with Criterion Games and Motive Studios, and published by Electronic Arts.

Yes. The second I realized the medium of games was one I cared about, it's like, how did I not know this existed? But just the fact that the game has one or two moments that make it stand out doesn't mean it's a good game. Check out the Player.One review and ongoing coverage about the loot crate drama.

A lot of pundits are pointing to Overwatch as the nexus for this loot box practice.

Micro-transactions have been one of the fundamental takeaways that the console/PC gaming community has picked up from the mobile gaming industry.

Don't Forget About Starfighter Assaultfeelings milestones too!

Speaking to US Gamer, the representative said the developers at DICE are going "back to the drawing board" in an attempt to improve the system.

But at its worst, Battlefront II's campaign is aggressively average, its story ending surprisingly abruptly while promising that Iden's journey will continue in the free Resurrection DLC that will release in December (which is not surprisingly tied to The Last Jedi's theatrical debut).

Just Play the Game!

But therein lies the problem, as what seems to be a larger portion of players was none too happy with a system it perceives as being "pay to win".

This will be a day long remembered, as it proves once again that if fans complain loud enough then games companies will commit any U-turn in order to placate them. Not to mention, this is done heavily to support the eSports players and their divisions. The Hero Crate can also possibly carry Star Cards for Starfighter or Troopers., and several other retailers, have dropped the prices of Xbox One S consoles to under £200. Imagine playing chess but first-time players only get pawns?

What's more, many of the series' most iconic characters - such as Darth Vader - couldn't be unlocked without either playing the game for a huge number of hours or handing over a substantial amount of money to get them unlocked. It's true that Blizzard's asymmetrical shooter popularised the concept, but the loot players were (and are) paying for - and, let's be honest, earning - has been entirely cosmetic up until now. There can be a Special Star Cards and Vehicle Star Cards. Sign me up. But stiff controls and a total inability to defend oneself in Heroes vs. Villains (if you can find a match) quickly sucks the joy from the pretty lightsabers dancing in the rain.

If you're gunning for the top, there is a tradeoff here. During the past week, the video games' big debut, which was supposed to be a comeback after 2015's reboot letdown, has been clouded with drama surrounding microtransactions, loot boxes, enabling gambling and angry Star Wars fans.