Small Business Saturday draws in support for local shops

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Local shops, eateries and establishments were also part of Winona Main Street's Small Business Saturday - an annual shopping day following Black Friday, one of the most infamous shopping days of the year.

Ashley Ramos, Co-owner of 79 Salt, said it brings in more business than would normally be seen at the local level. "They are providing jobs, creating products and developing services that drive our nation and the state of IL towards economic growth".

New housing developments take up potential parking spots for the mom and pop shops, not to mention that these small businesses battle brick and mortar companies day-in and day-out and rent continues to skyrocket.

"We know exactly what to give families once they tell us the ages of their children", Berg said.

"A lot of people don't support small businesses, they'd rather go to the mall instead, but I like to support small businesses", said shopper Jessica Cook.

We visited several small business owners and shoppers all over the Chicago area. Kiki extended her half-off Black Friday deals through Small Business Saturday.

And businesses say the benefits of Saturday can prove to be long lasting. Teresa Pries buzzes through the crowd at Revival 23, matching her customers with the ideal accessories.

Pam Blondin owns Deco, a gift shop in downtown Raleigh.

That is a big reason why the stores at the shopping center were packed on this Saturday after Thanksgiving, which has become known as Small Business Saturday. But if you don't support them, they're not going to be here.

SHOPS and firms from across the region are being asked to attend a celebration for small businesses.

"People come in they talk about the roads and how poorly they are and this and that, and then they go and turn around and order things online and there's no tax involved", said Mahan.

"I have a small business, and I like to support small businesses", said Stacie Givens, while shopping at Vickie's on the square in Moulton.