Samsung Galaxy Note 9 codename is out now

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Samsung mocked the so-called notch on the screen of the iPhone X by mimicking it in the haircut of someone waiting in line to buy Apple's latest smartphone. He is a headphone and mobile mobile reviewer and one of the original baker's dozen editorial staff that founded the site. Unlike the iPhone X, the Note 8 features a curved glass display with minimum bezels. It is therefore not surprising that its criticism of Apple has a more lighthearted tone. Some say it's a non-issue, while some say had Steve Jobs been alive, he wouldn't have approved that design.

It features a male character buying various iPhone models over the years, ranging from the iPhone 3GS, through to the iPhone 7. The display manufacturing arm of Samsung provides every iPhone X display because nobody else in the world can make them.

Armed with just an iPhone, he has to painstakingly type it in her digits, whereas she hands him her Samsung and Stylus to jot it down for her.

The FCC documentation, specifically the section addressing the FCC label reveals two variants of the same device, namely the SM-J250F and SM-J250F/DS, the latter of which will presumably offer dual-SIM capabilities. For display, Samsung has been using its own OLED panels for years.

Meanwhile, his girlfriend's Samsung emerges unscathed from the lake and boasts wireless charging in the same scenarios.

But it doesn't end there.

To add further insult to injury, the woman the video's protagonist loves has been a long-time Samsung Galaxy user and hasn't been happier.

If you look very closely at the queue for the 2017 iPhone X, you'll notice a man with a peculiar hairstyle.

A new promotional video, rolled out by Samsung, tries to woo buyers into thinking/believing - a lot of it is so real, it feels like Samsung is just rubbing it in Apple's face - how it got their first, while Apple followed later. After Apple launched their much-awaited iPhone X, Samsung seems to have found another way to troll their competitor.