Redesigned Snapchat App Separating the Social from the Media

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Three weeks after Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel revealed that his company planned to redesign its app, a preview of that change has arrived. Now, everything that's produced by a friend, whether it's a chat message, a snap sent just to one person, or a 24-hour public Story, will appear when a user swipes to the right from the main screen of the app.

The primary change between the current version of Snapchat and its upcoming redesign is the separation of friend-based content and publisher content. The new and improved Snapchat has been developed around the user and it will offer them enhanced personalization options.

Snapchat has rolled out a long-awaited update that has separated friend content from brand and media videos from the Discover section in an attempt to make the app easier to navigate. While the Stories on Discover are personalized algorithmically, our curators review and approve everything that gets promoted on the page. Just like before, you can also manage your Snapchat friends here among other things. While that means that Facebook as a platform is easier to abuse, it has also made Mark Zuckerberg's company immensely more profitable per user.

The application's past designs listed friend stories in the same feed alongside content from media partners, but the company kept changing how prominently it displayed those made-for-Snapchat mobile magazines - where it makes much of its revenue from advertising.

The new friends page is dynamic. "But your friends aren't content".

The camera will still be the focus of this new-look Snapchat, working as the center point for the app.

WhatsApp's Status and Instagram's Stories features have borrowed liberally from Snapchat's innovative blink-and-you'll-miss-it approach to instant messaging, but, for the most part, Facebook's alternatives have offered a much slicker, less confusing interface. Snap is facing intense competition for users from Facebook-owned Instagram, which previous year launched a Stories feature that echoed the popular Snapchat offering with the same name. With the Snapchat redesign all of this is being shuffled.

The Profile page is the new destination for viewing and managing your own Stories, including your personal Story and any other Group or Our Stories that you've contributed Snaps to.