Razer Phone Is Gaming Beast with First 120Hz Display, Crazy Powerful Speakers

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Are we ready for a smartphone for hardcore gamers?

The Razer Phone will be exclusive to Three in the UK.

The next thing you'll notice is the stunning QuadHD 5.7-inch IGZO LCD panel that runs at 120HZ. Worth mentioning, the iPad Pro 10.5 had earlier hit the headlines with its support for 120Hz refresh rates.

In terms of performance, the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Mobile Platform lies at the heart of the Razer Phone, which also features a whopping 8GB of dual-channel LPDDR4 running at 1,600MHz.

Dual 12 megapixel cameras on the rear with different levels of optical zoom - one wide angle, one telephoto. If the Razer Phone can keep this up for prolonged periods it should be one of a select few handsets capable of avoiding CPU and GPU throttling during prolonged gaming sessions. Yep, just when you thought the year was winding down and tech reviewers could finally take a breather, this newcomer to the smartphone race has thrown its hat into the ring for the first time: hello, Razer Phone. Since this is Razer, though, there are a ton of optimizations under the hood to make this a gaming machine. We won't know how well Razer's new gaming beast will hold up for regular folks until it's out in the wild, but on paper it seems like a promising little gadget that might be stiffer competition than you'd expect. Unfortunately, Razer's not implementing NextBit's cloud storage uploading solution, instead allowing you to add up to 2TB of capacity via the phone's microSD slot. Most of Razer's product shots also show folks holding the phone sideways and tapping with both thumbs, again treating it like a serious mobile gaming device and maybe even a Nintendo Switch competitor.

How well the Razer Phone will deliver on its specs remains to be seen, but with all that plus beefy speakers it could well appeal to gamers - which is seemingly the whole point of the phone. You'll find front-facing stereo speakers above and below the Razer Phone's screen, which are THX certified (a world's first) with support for Dolby Atmos. I'm not a fan of big phones, but the thin black-and-grey rectangle still felt very sleek and fairly comfortable for one-handed casual play.

Razer is pushing this hard as a mobile gaming-focused phone, but I think there's space for a more universal appeal, although it might not have the super-slim bezels that so many recent flagships offer.

ZDNet spoke with Lin prior to Wednesday's announcement, where he shed some light on why Razer is entering the ultra-competitive and crowded smartphone market. The Razer Phone will be available on November 17th in both the USA and Europe. It comes with Qualcomm Quick charge 4 which will charge the smartphone to 85% in 1 hour. Evidently, the phone will likely to feature the bright green colour Razer Snake logo on the back.

Right now, all phones use 60Hz panels, which refresh 60 times a second, even if you're looking at a static image. Other games Razer is working with include popular MOBA Arena of Valor, shooter Shadowgun Legends, and strategy spin-off Titanfall: Assault. It also comes preloaded with the Nova Launcher Prime, which is rapidly becoming the go-to application for people who don't want to look at whatever garbage their mobile carrier put on their phone.