NASCAR fans make a strong statement for net neutrality on Reddit

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Bradley Holt is a senior software engineer with the IBM Watson Data Platform. Ten percent of comments didn't even have an email address listed. "The company has a viewpoint and uses that viewpoint to discriminate". As a result, our state and federal legislative system is systemically infected by lawmakers willing to sell out the public and the internet for some pocket change.

It is expected that the FCC will vote to implement Pai's plan to dismantle the net neutrality rules during a meeting set for Dec. 14.

Pai's plan could also have a negative effect on smaller businesses and entrepreneurs starting out online, which could halt further innovations online.

"On the internet you can't provide a fast lane without also making other lanes slower", said Holt. "The net neutrality rules that he plans to destroy are the protections that ensure that we, the people, can decide for ourselves what we do and say online". Free Press Action, which has been seeking net neutrality, condemned the personal attack against Pai and his family.

While the majority of the most-repeated comments opposed net neutrality, those in support of the principle were not without their own copy-and-paste comments.

The move was seen as a victory for big internet service providers such as AT&T Inc, Comcast Corp and Verizon Communications Inc, which favored a repeal.

Repealing Net Neutrality would allow giant chain media to work in concert with internet conglomerates to limit access to independent, alternative, and local news sites, according to LION (Local Independent Online News) Publishers.

Additionally, as several fact-checkers have pointed out, as part of the European Union, Portugal does have net neutrality regulations!

Another concern I've heard is that the plan will harm rural and low-income Americans. Critics on the left have accused it, as well as other social media companies like Facebook, of being a safe haven for extremists, racists, conspiracy theorists and others spreading misinformation. Only after the rise of massive protest, the authorities acted against the service and implement net neutrality regulations.

Consumers could see lightning-fast internet speeds while scrolling through Twitter, but once they check Instagram, the speed would be dramatically reduced unless they buy a bigger bundle with more access to apps. His targets: the generally liberal bastions of Silicon Valley and Hollywood.

In a written statement, Sen.

For one thing, the Obama Administration itself made clear that curated Internet packages are lawful in the United States under the Commission's 2015 rules.