Italy boots coach after Cup washout

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A first call-up by the U.S. national team likely isn't too far away, either. "If your team isn't in it, what sense is there?" No one else in the room objected to Tavecchio remaining. Touted with big moves every summer since moving to Naples, his iconic mohawk will be missed on the big stage.

It doesn't matter that Italy only went to the playoffs because they finished second in their group to Spain after gaining 23 out of 30 points.

After a 20-year senior career that would be no less true for Buffon, but sadly football tragedy has befallen the greatest of the game's exhibitors in the past, some having left empty-handed. Perhaps, we have. Probably, it is just a fruit of our sins. Ancelotti's preference to return to club football - which he reaffirmed last month - is no longer an issue either. In a passionate outburst he pointed to his team-mate Lorenzo Insigne, a forward, and reminded his fitness coach in no uncertain terms that it was a win they needed, not a draw.

The coach received the news at his residence in the Italian city of Bari. "That's not Buffon", Bono said.

However, it remains to be seen if he'll be willing to coach the national team, or if he still prefers the daily activities of working at a club. Throughout June and July, the world's best will duke it out for eternal glory. "I'd make him the Italian Vicente Del Bosque".

In defense, the veteran 'BBC' trio of Andrea Barzagli, Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci - who have a combined age of 99 - is destined to be broken up with Barzagli retiring from the national team. Gabon's record goal-scorer, he has only ever lead his team as deep as the African Cup of Nations quarter-final.

By complete contrast, though, succeeding the clueless Ventura would bring no such unfavourable comparisons.

It was a heartbreaking moment, not just for Gianluigi Buffon but for millions of television viewers around the world.

He has won the Champions League three times, with AC Milan and Real Madrid, along with league titles at Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern.

He also has the backing of Tavecchio but does he really want it? "We'll meet in the next days, we'll discuss about it. There are many things to talk about".

"I hope Sweden has a top-level World Cup, given that they were at the level of stopping Italy from qualifying", Angelelli said.

He got the job "because of who he knew rather than because of his talent", says Garganese, and that shows the rottenness at the heart of the Italian football establishment.

During the Sweden game, De Rossi focused attentions on the sidelines.