ISIS claims responsibility for Manhattan terrorist attack, no evidence given - report

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It was there that he was shot in the stomach by a member of the NYPD before being arrested and taken to hospital, where he is now being questioned.

While the death penalty is becoming more and more unusual in the US - executions have decreased steadily since 1999 - only 19 states have abolished the death penalty.

They also aren't likely to force the case to be moved out of New York City because Trump weighed-in on Twitter, which is a social media platform with a national audience, she said. The victims included five people from Argentina, one from Belgium and two Americans, authorities said.

Yesterday's attack, which mowed down pedestrians and cyclists at high speed on Lower Manhattan's West Side, was the deadliest attack blamed on terrorism in America's financial capital since the September 11 hijackings in 2001.

Saipov didn't enter a plea Wednesday to the federal terror charges, a source at the US attorney's office told CNN.

Then, nearly as quickly, he reversed course about sending Sayfullo Saipov to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and heartily endorsed putting him on trial in New York federal court, followed by his execution.

"He killed 8 people, badly injured 12". The fact that Saipov has survived should enable investigators to learn more about what leads a young man to carnage.

Saipov's defense attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

"Mr. President, we all know he should get the death penalty". Notes found at the crime scene indicate Saipov acted in the name of the Islamic State group, authorities said.

"The terrorist came into our country through what is called the 'Diversity Visa Lottery Program, ' a Chuck Schumer beauty", he said, referring to the Senate's senior Democrat. Two months ago, he said, he decided to use a truck "to inflict maximum damage against civilians", the complaint said. As a former ally to the president, Corker's words may rein Trump in and help New Yorkers like myself grieve.

Another neighbor in Paterson, 23-year-old Carlos Batista, said he saw Saipov and two friends come and go several times in the past three weeks in the same model Home Depot pickup used in the attack.

Uzbeks have been involved in other terrorist acts, but most of the perpetrators appear to have been radicalized after they left the region, according to professors who study Central Asia. "So it's a long process and their futures depend on the U.S. immigration system".

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo slammed the remarks, telling reporters at a news conference Wednesday he is bothered by any attempt "by anyone to politicize this situation".

In a number of recent extremist attacks around the world, the assailants were found to have been inspired but not actually directed by the Islamic State, and in some cases never even made contact with the group.

Continuing the Obama administration's law-enforcement-first approach to detaining and questioning terrorists is simply inexcusable.

Prosecutors have not indicated whether they will seek the death penalty against Saipov.

"I did find it a little suspicious".

Karimov often called his opposition Muslim extremists, even when there was little evidence to back up the charge, experts say.

Prosecutors said Saipov considered displaying ISIS flags on the truck during the attack, but decided it would attract too much attention.