Hotbed of misinformation: Tesla hits back at racist company culture claims

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Tesla released Musk's email, titled "Doing the right thing", in its entirety to provide context for his comments the lawsuit refers to.

In a bullish corner, Baird analyst Ben Kallo approaches with enthusiastic conviction on Tesla, especially on back of his Industrial Conference.

Tesla is following Apple's model here.

Musk discusses the breakup for a few more minutes, then asks, earnestly, deadpan, "Is there anybody you think I should date?"

Tesla has been sued for gender discrimination, anti-LGBTQ harassment, unlawful firings, and ageism.

But Monday's lawsuit, filed by former Tesla employee Marcus Vaughn, is the first to bring those claims on behalf of a large class of black workers at the automaker's Fremont, California factory.

Tesla is including the companies in the design process because it helps ensure their needs are met, Musk said. And SharpCharts uses as a minimum 250 data points prior to the starting date of any chart (assuming that much data exists) at what time calculating its RSI values.

Tesla has tapped markets for capital several times since its initial public offering in 2010, but Musk said the company might be better off if it were private.

Elon Musk is on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and is called the "architect of tomorrow" in the publication's article.

The investor compares Musk's role at Tesla to launching a new restaurant.

The blog post drew ire from Richard Lawler, a senior news editor at Engadget.

Wall Street wants to play it safe when it comes to this empire of the tech world, as TipRanks analytics demonstrate TSLA as a Hold. "It's really awful. It's..."

According to Vaughn employees and supervisors regularly used the "N word" around him and other black colleagues.

"He should recognize that encouraging an employee on a temporary contract to be 'thick-skinned' puts them in a nearly untenable position", Lawler told CNNMoney.

BRENNER, ITALY - MAY 8, 2016: Tesla charging stations are located throughout EU to accommodate owners of the electric car.

Vaughn's complaint also quotes allegedly features a letter from CEO Elon Musk, where he tells his employees to be "thick-skinned and accept that apology".

Indeed the company's last earnings call showed that Tesla's highly anticipated Model 3 was still behind schedule, and that it would have to pull resources from its other models to ramp up manufacturing.