His Asia trip winding down, Trump meets with allies

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On Sunday, he tried to have it both ways, saying he believes both the US intelligence agencies when they say Russia meddled and Russian President Vladimir Putin's sincerity in claiming that his country did not.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte thanked Moscow on Friday for its "timely assistance" in defeating pro-Islamic State militants who took over a southern city for months, expressing his willingness to buy Russian weapons. In December 2016, he said that during his time as mayor, he had personally killed at least three people. Roque said Duterte believes that it is. And he is expected, in meetings with other leaders, to push his agenda for bilateral, rather than multinational, trade agreements.

As regards the South China Sea, the official said there has been a "very clear" and "consistent message" from Trump on freedom of navigation in the South China Sea.

All other heads of state of ASEAN-member countries have arrived.

"This rapporteur", he said, after referring to the United Nations' special rapporteur on extrajudicial killings, Agnes Callamard, by name. He was closing a almost two-week trip through Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines that included one-on-one meetings with the leaders of those nations during which he stressed trade.

And both repeatedly claim widespread popular support, contrary to data (although Duterte does seem to have the edge in actual popular backing).

Trudeau said Duterte - whose violent crackdown on drug dealers and drug users by his government's forces have left thousands dead - was receptive to the comments during what the Canadian prime minister called a very cordial and positive exchange.

It must be said that Trump and Duterte also share ideological affinity.
And nearly all of them also have the same problem.

Hours after being sworn in as Philippine president, Duterte goes to a Manila slum and urges residents to kill drug-addled neighbors.

Human rights groups and Filipino lawmakers have been investigating the role of death squads in Davao during Mr Duterte's time of office.

The writer, president emeritus of the Open Society Foundations and a founder of Human Rights Watch, is the author of "The International Human Rights Movement: A History". In April, a leaked transcript showed that Trump called Duterte to congratulate him on doing an "unbelievable job on the drug problem", as my colleagues Jeremy Scahill, Alex Emmons, and Ryan Grim have reported. Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said human rights came up "briefly" in the context of the Philippines' fight against illegal drugs.

Thanking ASEAN and global friends for providing assistance, the President said they were now in the process of helping people back on their feet to reclaim their lives.

In an election campaign rally Duterte also said he was expelled from college for shooting a fellow student who was insulting him. Trump talked instead about their "great relationship".