Here's what's new in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17035 for PC

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Now, there's Windows as a Service: If Windows 10 never really goes away, what limits PC builders is supported hardware, apparently. You can click the speaker icon on the tab to mute it or right-click it and select Mute Tab. Secure boot checks for device firmware signing on bootup and prevents loading if the signature is invalid.

Some users want to blame Microsoft for making Windows 10 incompatible with Steam, while others have stated that it is Steam who should fix its software. The new tab muting option gives you the ability to mute any tab that's playing audio. Security standards for machines running older versions of Windows have yet to be specified. Again, this is necessary for VBS. Virtualization is an important part of Windows 10 security.

Windows 10 build 17035 features a new "near share" option which adds an option to share files and URLs wirelessly with devices that are nearby. "Due to a bug that causes PCs with AMD processors to bugcheck during upgrading to current builds, we are blocking PCs with AMD processors from receiving this build", writes Brandon LeBlanc. While this would certainly encourage new PC and hardware purchases, it would also infuriate millions of PC users whose otherwise-functional legacy devices fell by the wayside. That means you can pair a compatible PC with a mixed reality headset and take advantage of the immersive environment to enjoy some interactive entertainment (or get a little work done). To that end, Microsoft has published a document aimed at helping users "highly secure" their electronics running the Fall Creators Update version 1709.

The list is very specific, at least on the hardware side.

The company moved some of the Sound settings from the Control Panel to Settings.

Read the Microsoft document in detail using this link.

What's interesting is that some of Microsoft's own devices don't follow these guidelines.

Been having trouble with your Surface Pen? There is newly streamlined text insertion with new animations and button layout on the handwriting panel.

Windows 10 Enterprise E5 will be updated to include virtualization use rights.

The drivers shipping on a secure computer should all be Hypervisor-based Code Integrity (HVCI) compliant, according to Microsoft.

Although 32-bit CPUs for computers are almost nowhere to be seen in the market, Microsoft still explicitly mandates that the processor must support 64-bit instructions.