Friday, November 17 Morning Forecast

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The day started off sunny and lovely thanks to a warm front that swept across eastern Montana.

Early Monday morning will be cold with temperatures near 32 degrees with highs in the upper 50s and mostly clear.

Saturday Morning Lows: Mid 30s Afternoon Highs: Low 40s; Near 50 overnight Cloud cover: Cloudy. The rain will turn heavy overnight with the chance of a stray thunderstorm.

A strong low pressure system will move across the Great Lakes Saturday. The rain may start out as snow in the mountains of the Adirondacks, but most of it falls as rain in our region.

Sunshine stays with the area as we get into the biggest travel week of the year. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are all looking mainly dry right now.

Friday, November 17 Morning Forecast
Friday, November 17 Morning Forecast

An unsettled weather pattern will stick around Friday evening creating spotty snow showers here and there. Some snow is expected Saturday morning before turning to rain in the afternoon. "Rain tapers dramatically past 7:30PM, with just the slight chance for a few more spotty showers through 9PM. this evening, rainfall totals look to range between 0.25-0.75".

Tonight will be dry in most areas but again there will be some showers.

Today's cloudy & chilly forecast is a decent one before rain, snow and windy conditions move in this weekend.

A southeast wind will be 20 km/h, gusting to 40 in the afternoon and daytime temperatures rise to a high of minus 5C. Gusty winds around 40 miles per hour will be possible at times Friday night into Saturday night. Thursday and Friday see a bit of a break from new lows crashing into the coast, but moisture will still be making its way inland, generating some snow and rain across parts of Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Colorado.

While a few left over showers may occur before 9am tomorrow clouds will be decreasing during the morning leaving mostly sunny skies by the afternoon.