EDITORIAL: What will Democrats offer to voters fleeing crazy Land of Trump?

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Democrat Ralph Northam has easilywon the Virginia governor's race, defeating Republican Ed Gillespie in a stinging rebuke to President Trump. Most of the districts Democrats won were solidly blue-leaning, so it doesn't necessarily mean Democrats will succeed in retaking the House next year on more Republican-friendly terrain. In New Jersey, Democrat Phil Murphy faces Republican Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno. Trump didn't campaign in personfor Gillespie, though he did tweet out support for him and recorded a robocall saying the Republican candidate would help "make America great again". "I've seen approval ratings as low as 14 percent for Governor Christie", the person said.

In a statement late Tuesday night, House Republicans said Tuesday "was a difficult night, and the outcome is not what anyone expected". "That's why you're seeing such jubilation that maybe the tide is turning". "The economy is good". It worked exactly as intended. The work is out there. "LOL", Tom Perez, the Democratic chair, tweeted in response, followed by the emoji for laughing and crying at once. The graph below shows a clear correlation emerges in U.S. House and state House elections. And nobody, even back in the early days of hype, suggested they might flip the state house.

Undergraduate Council Vice President Cameron K. Khansarinia '18, a Republican Club member who organized with Florida Senator Marco Rubio's presidential campaign, attributed Republican losses to rhetoric from President Donald Trump's campaign and his departure from traditional conservative ideology. More recently, he said, "more and more people will stay in the same column from the White House to the courthouse, voting for either Democrats or Republicans". The Republicans are now Trumpified, left to his unprincipled, idiosyncratic whims and suffering from his declining popularity. In fact, Northam received nearly 400,000 more votes than what current Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe did when he won in 2013. They are hoping it will all go away, and things will go back to 'normal'. Democrats rode an electoral wave to a legislative impasse. "Our forefathers fought for them". They also voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Trump was the first sitting president to not campaign in a Virginia governor's race since Richard Nixon during Watergate.

One tipping point was immigration. "Adjusting for all variables, it's hard not to see how that difference is primarily attributable to Trump". Tuesday night, he tried to blame Gillespie for the loss. Earlier this year, Marshall sponsored a bill that would have limited the bathrooms transgender people can use.

Clinton was not running for office on Tuesday, and has said she is "done with being a candidate". We will move forward, " Murphy said in his victory speech.

One concluding point: The issue that Virginians most cared about (38 percent in exit polls) was health care. But he is discounting the nature of Trump's appeal, which has very little to do with "delivering on what he said he was going to deliver on".

Polls close in Virginia at 7 p.m. and in New Jersey at 8 p.m.