Don't go on the size, Xbox One X is a powerhouse!

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I'm a professional, it says, I'm all business. And really, blurs the generational hardware lines to a point where you start to see part of Microsoft's big picture. An external hard drive is absolutely essential unless you want to constantly manage and delete your games. While assets have all remained identical, the underlying game resolution has been boosted dramatically, and in Halo 3's case, a 10-bit colour space has been enabled, meaning that TVs will switch into HDR mode and greater lighting contrast can really come to the fore. Even if you don't currently own an Xbox One but have access to one, you can use this following trick to ready up (assuming the person who owns the Xbox One doesn't mind you using their bandwidth). It's hard to believe Microsoft exclusives like Gears of War 4 can look so good and run so smoothly on a box that costs less than half of what you'd pay for a high-end gaming PC. Meanwhile, in performance mode, a framerate locked at 60 frames per second makes the movement on the screen beautifully, buttery smooth, compared to the 30 fps you'll get in Visuals mode in 4K or just on a normal Xbox One X. If not, be wary of blitzing through your download cap (mine has been smashed this month). All credit goes to the technical wizards at Microsoft and developers The Coalition for taking an already impressive Xbox One title and transforming it into a technical showcase.

Like the One S, the One X can be laid horizontally or vertically and has an internal power supply, so there's no bulky power brick to deal with. Helzberg Diamonds is based in North Kansas City, Mo., and is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Microsoft now really need to back it up with a strong series of stand out exclusive to make people want to come and play.

"Ultimately, the Xbox One X offers some major performance upgrades that gamers will notice-especially if you're coming from an original Xbox One". That said, when playing non-enhanced games like Forza, Destiny 2, Wolfenstein II and Assassin's Creed: Origins, things just seem to look... better.

You're not done here, though. The store also has a new 4k section showcasing the best of that genre of gaming and entertainment. Honestly, this was hit or miss for me, and games weren't always automatically updated. What is also pretty cool is Xbox One X is the only console to support all of the following: 4K streaming, HDR, wide color gamut, Dolby Atmos, 4K Blu-Ray media playback and true 4K gaming. The short answer to that is, yes. I also tested a handful of compatible games but only a handful because while about 100 games are slated to get Xbox One X enhancements eventually, only about a dozen have them right now, and a decent share of those titles are old, or kind of obscure. Installed on an external hard drive, Forza Horizon 3 loads around 20 seconds faster than it does on an Xbox One S, which is an improvement not to be sniffed at.

Trust me, it's very nice.

You can have 40 pins on your home screen as shortcuts to your favourite apps and things to do. Starting the game post-update and having the "HDR" icon popping up on my television upon starting it up was a joyous moment.

If the previous generation kickstarted the digital era for consoles, devices like the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch might propel downloads much closer to the full parity with physical sales than anyone would have expected.

Microsoft has spent the past several years course-correcting, dropping the little-supported Kinect peripheral, lowering the price consistently, updating the UI, and releasing the slickly redesigned Xbox One S last year.

We run the Day Zero update, it's around 800MB so be prepared for that.

Microsoft advises you to ensure there isn't a disc in the drive. Can you spot the difference between these two screenshots, aside from the ad banners? As an Xbox 360 game released fairly early on in the console's lifecycle, playing it on an Xbox One S enhances it somewhat but it still looks rough. At least it should show up a consistent image on your TV; it did for me. A console is an investment in the home. But now most third-party games will undoubtedly run best on Xbox One X, which could convert those looking for the premium experience.

Not every Xbox One X enhanced game is going to have support for HDR.

Above: it took me a few tries to take this guy down.

The difference with the Xbox One X is there is no "upscaling" - essentially stretching an image to a higher resolution.

"Yet when a game does take full advantage of everything the One X can do, there's a downside: 4K textures are huge".