Church prepares Thanksgiving meal delivered by first-responders to Grovetown residents

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Kelley and current Pittsburg County Assessor Michelle Fields did some calculations to determine just how much food it has taken for this year's Community Thanksgiving Dinner, starting with ingredients for the dressing. Each one ensured someone has a nourishing meal. To serve this to that many guests, the volunteers needed to prepare 950 lb. of turkey, 380 lb. of potatoes, 14 gallons of gravy, 16 quarts of whipped cream and 1,000 slices of pie. Due to new regulations from the health department, all the food had to be cooked on Thanksgiving and nothing could be made beforehand.

"Every year we have our family together and it is something that I have always enjoyed", said volunteer Hailey Perry.

The only day they donÕt - Thanksgiving.

"Up until now it now it is been up to 150 on average, but it looks like we will have a few more this year", Payne said.

About 315 volunteers assisted with serving the meals to the hundreds who showed up at Ag Hall. They told me about a thousand people will come and go before the day is done.

Organizers of "The Free Community Thanksgiving Dinner" say providing the dinner was a way to get neighbors together.

"The Rioses got on the phone and came up with a plan", Lowe said.

"It's a great cause to help people who need more than we do", said Yanchis.

The LCTD's planning chair, Ruth McQuiston-Keil, said that volunteers are like a family.

He's been volunteering for the dinner for 10 years. She didn't say why this Thanksgiving was different, but nobody from Holy Trinity was asking. By 9:30 a.m., Wade estimated they had delivered about 350 meals.

"We are blessed with volunteers last night and today", she said.

Engelkamp said they were expected to feed over 400 people this Thanksgiving.

"It makes us thankful for what we have", said Engelkamp.

"Even if it's just for a couple of minutes, it's a nice experience to cheer somebody up and pass along some joy", said David Bohovsky, a volunteer.

Officers, detectives and higher-ups from at least five law enforcement agencies delivered the meals to places like Ulster Gardens and the Hummel Boarding Home in Kingston. "They treated me really really really well, just like a family should treat you". She said it's a special day for her.