Yankees Fire Joe Girardi, Will Reportedly Seek an 'Analytics-Driven' Manager

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Thomson has been in the organization for about 27 years, spending time in various jobs, including minor-league coach and farm director. You know that when you go in. If you want him, Mr. Lerner, be prepared to value the position of manager more than you have at any point in the past. Philadelphia certainly seems to be a team on the rise when looking at all of the progress made by the team following the All-Star break, but whether someone like Girardi would be willing to work with a younger team after recently falling just shy of reaching the World Series is a different story. He occasionally fought but adapted when the front office wanted its way. These are the shiny new Teslas every GM wants in his driveway now. The third-longest tenured manager in baseball confirmed reports of his departure in a statement Thursday morning. The Mets replaced Collins with Mickey Callaway, 42.

"I screwed up", he later told fans and the team. Girardi took this group to the edge of a title, and now his successor - they hope - will haul it over the top. Some of it was sheer chance.

As for Girardi, Francesa said he would be a "very, very good" match for the Washington Nationals job, if he indeed decides to manage in 2018. "Let the next person do it". "He's the best manager in the league, no doubt in my mind".

In mid-2016 the Yankees were a fourth place team, hovering around.500 with seemingly little upside.

Joe Girardi managed the club for nine seasons and finished with a 910-710 record.

The beginning of what should be a busy offseason for the Yankees starts now, with the search for the next manager.

Girardi's connection to his players is minimal.

After a decade of working with him, Cashman knew precisely what he had in Girardi. Many had conflicting views on all of that, but do Bird and Sanchez believe their manager had their backs?

Maybe Baker and Girardi had lost their respective locker rooms (though you have to wonder how badly they could possibly have lost them, given the results). The latter is most likely the case.

The Yankees failed to reach the postseason in three of Girardi's last five years as manager. And bullpen management, in general, has always seemed to be a strength of Girardi's, along with his meticulous preparation.

Girardi, 53, just completed his tenth season as Yankees manager.

While some fans are sad to see Girardi go, others say it was time to part ways.

. He was hired in 2008 to replace Joe Torre, and they haven't had a single losing season since. And Cashman would tell people, "I'll never hire a manager who likes to manage with his gut".

"I am really sad to see him go", Shane Kravik, 44, said outside Yankee Stadium hours after the word got out.

Should Mattingly get canned in Miami in the coming weeks, it'll be interesting to see whether the Yankees set up the interview. Girardi, with experience that Mattingly did not have, won out.

Espada was a special assistant to Cashman during the 2014 season. Consider it found money. Hinch is known for his communication skills. With one move, Nats ownership could show that it didn't just flippantly extinguish Baker. Times and priorities of the job changed.

Girardi is the second long-successful manager to get tossed into the bin this month.