Windows 10 phone is dead

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Windows 10 Mobile isn't going away, not until Microsoft makes it official. Although the Windows Phone platform has been more or less "dead" over the a year ago or so, Microsoft did not make any official announcements regarding its plans for the dying mobile operating system.

Another reason for its failure is lack of a WIndows 10 Mobile operating system in a wide range of devices.

From a recent sales figure disclosed by Kantar Worldpanel, just 1.3% United States mobile market sold Windows phone.

This appears to be similar to what Bill Gates has done after admitting he'd switched to an Android phone filled with Microsoft software. The Windows 10 phone isn't popular enough and has very limited users.

Microsoft has finally admitted that the Windows Phone platform is no more, and that from now on it will only receive bug fixes and security patches.

"We will support those users too", Belfiore wrote. Belfiore's tweets indicated that Microsoft can no longer survive in fierce competition against Apple's iOS and Google's Android. In any event, Windows Phone 8 did mature over its short lifetime, gaining many features other platforms had had for ages.

When asked by a user whether it is "time to leave Windows Mobile platform", Belfiore tweeted back, "Depends who you are".

The former Windows Phone honcho adds that crafting new features and hardware is no longer a focus. Or Windows 10 Mobile, if you prefer. It also had many problems with the Microsoft App store. Although the Windows Phone market share was initially predicted by some to overpass the iPhone, in reality it reached less than half of percent by the end of last year, and perhaps it dropped even more this year.

Microsoft is now focused on creating software for exsiting mobile plaforms like Android and iOS, such as its Office suite of productivity apps and Edge web broswer.

Along with too few vendors supporting Windows Mobile, Microsoft also made some financial and technology missteps along the way. "Choose what's best for you". And now Windows Phone is over, officially dead.

#Windows 10 Mobile tried to attract users by letting them run the same "universal apps" on both their PCs and handsets, but the concept failed to catch on.