What you need to know — Venezuela regional elections

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"Everything is a permanent advertisement for 'chavismo, '" said David Smilde, a Tulane University sociologist who studies Venezuela.

Venezuela "remains in a full-blown economic, humanitarian, and political crisis with no end in sight", the Fund said in a report on Latin American economies.

Almagro said "sanctions are the path to bring the Venezuelan regime to its knees".

Thank you! Your submission has been received! "We think we have to have an important relationship with Russia and we want to open a channel of communication". History, at least, can offer him comfort on that front.

"The main risk to the region relates to the humanitarian crisis and ensuing migration of Venezuelans to neighbouring countries", it said. Mata, he claims, was the head of the Rural Development Institute of Venezuela.

Venezuela's inflation rate is set to pass 2300% next year, according to IMF estimates. In individual stocks, Bank of America and Wells Fargo reported third quarter earnings today, with B. of A. registering some gains and Wells slipping on the back of weaker-than-expected numbers.

Ortega, 59, was removed from her post in August after breaking with Maduro earlier this year in a dramatic split the opposition said evidenced Venezuela's swerve into dictatorship. If that were to happen, Venezuela would lose its only economic lifeline. The Venezuelan government installed a separate, unconstitutional Constituent Assembly that holds supererogatory powers, technically above even those of the presidency. Oil industry watchers expect CEFC to also get involved in Rosneft's retail business, which includes 3,000 filling stations, more than 1,00 gasoline tankers and 150 crude storage facilities. Others are more optimistic: Datanalisis pollsters and news and analysis website Aporrea both say the opposition will win 21 of Venezuelas 23 states.

In June, the U.S. slapped sanctions on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

"We have to transmit the notion that the democratic opposition is not classifying the friends of the government as our enemies", he said.

He has increasingly turned to the military to keep order as challenges to his authority grow.

But now even the freshly minted bills, printed in rainbow hues and imported in part from the US, are quickly dwindling in value. This time it is expected to have representatives on hand to compare paper printouts with national tallies.

Mr. Maduro insisted Venezuela was paying its dues, but strongly hinted at his wish to discuss restructuring its $1 billion debt to Russia.

Socialist Party officials have denied Ortega's allegations. These should not be subordinate to the executive branch, he added. Its geopolitical interests are not quite the same as Russia's, however.

If the opposition wins a majority, it would be the first gubernatorial election since 2000 in which candidates backed by the ruling party coalition do not dominate.

As foreign currency to pay for imports has dried up, the country of 31.5 million people has suffered severe shortages of food, medicines and basic goods.

Venezuela's exit from the OAS cannot take place until 2019. He denounced the move as "a personal initiative" by Almagro, "who has waged a relentless campaign against the government of Maduro". We provide them with health, with education, food.