Washington Nationals at Chicago Cubs

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One thing is for sure, Wrigley will be rocking Monday afternoon.

Given that Monday is nine days after Scherzer's exit on September 30, no one knows what to expect from the Nationals ace.

After that bases-loaded strikeout in the fifth ended the Nationals' best scoring chance of the evening, he looked like a man who would have paid any price to buy it back. Edwards was absolutely lights-out in Game 1, and we haven't even seen Brian Duensing pitch yet, which could be a huge factor in a big-game lefty on lefty situation.

He should. Even after Washington's 6-3 victory, the Chicago Cubs still have home-field advantage in the best-of-five series. But in Game 2, the bullpen was unable to perform well in the three innings given to them, giving up five runs. "But we still have to play". In addition to treatment, he focused on strengthening the hamstring and building endurance.

"Luckily we caught a break there", Hendricks said of the error by Rendon. "Trying to train through that". I thought, when I was with the Angels, there was a lot of times guys would carry the previous day's loss into the locker room, which led to a loss that day, which caused them to be angry again, which led to the loss the next day. But he tried sneaking one past him and watched Rizzo hook it just over the wall adjacent to the Nationals' bullpen in right field.

"Doing some sprint work to help try to build the endurance in that hamstring because that's our biggest concern", Scherzer said. The efficiency with which Lester worked kept Nationals hitters off balance, especially Bryce Harper, and all of his pitches got swings and misses. "But I trust he's going to be fine with that".

Rizzo saw that competitive streak back in 2006, when he was the Diamondbacks' director of scouting and drafted Scherzer with the 11th overall pick. And Scherzer is confident it will handle the stress Monday. "We all know, obviously, they can hit the ball out of the ballpark at a high rate", Lester said.

Give a large measure of credit to Cubs starting pitcher Kyle Hendricks.

The Nationals haven't announced their rotation, but Stephen Strasburg seems like the most likely option for Game 1.

"I'll still want the ball hit to him tomorrow", catcher Matt Wieters said.

"I mean, I think the train's coming", Harper said.

"I'm going to be looking for any difference of change of arm angles, or if he winces or whatever", manager Dusty Baker said.

Whatever Cubs pitchers have been throwing to Nationals leadoff hitter Trea Turner has been working.

Many bars are also tightening security and adding additional security staff. But more importantly a certain bat woke up. Scherzer trailed off for a second. Harper is good. CJ is really good. It's just a matter of when you do it to yourself. I've gotten pretty good about feeling if the release point is different.

Scherzer would rather have pitched Friday or Saturday. Just like that, the Nationals had taken a 6-3 lead. Because they have Strasburg, they didn't have to.

That's why, while the playoffs are fun, they're a fairly ridiculous way to decide the best team. He convinced them that he would not hurt them by pitching. "I think we're still touch and go, the parental instincts kick in". ". if I stay within my mechanics and throw the ball right, I fully intend to throw a hundred pitches".