Vegas shooter calculated trajectory of shots fired from room

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US President Donald Trump visited Las Vegas on Wednesday, marking the first time since taking office that he has had to confront a major mass shooting.

At least 58 people died, and 489 were injured the night of October 1, in the deadliest mass shooting in modern USA history. "We have not stopped and we will nto stop until we have the truth", McMahill promised.

Police are also working to determine who else may have known of these plans.

Undersheriff Kevin McMahill suggested the attack may have stopped when Paddock was disturbed, shooting a security guard.

McMahill also shot down several prevalent rumors that have circulated throughout media reports, telling reporters that they are confident no second shooter was in the room with Paddock during the attack.

The note was found along with 23 firearms, ammo and the killer's body.

In an unusual bid to cast a wider net for tips, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and police have arranged with communications company Clear Channel to post billboards around Las Vegas urging citizens to come forward with any information that might help investigators. "And then you have the flashing lights", Newton said. Authorities had previously said that the note was note a manifesto or a suicide note.

Almost a week after the shooting, the deadliest in US history, investigators are still working to determine Paddock's motive.

McMahill also said that the police found in Paddock's auto 50 pounds of materials that are commonly used to make explosives devices: tannerite and ammonium nitrate.

Stephen Paddock in fact was treated very differently.

It is not clear how long Paddock lived in Clinton for, but many reports say he grew up in Tucson, Arizona and Sun Valley, California.

The source said investigators recovered a notepad with numbers in it "significant to the gunman" and were attempting to determine their meaning.

He also amassed a huge arsenal of weapons and explosives, and set up surveillance equipment outside his room to detect any approaching outsiders, including police.

McMahill said at a press conference that the over a thousand leads had "helped create a better profile into the madness of this suspect" although officials still do not have "a clear motive or reason why". "He's an absolute hero". When he went to investigate, he came under fire and was struck in the leg. He was not able to do so because the seller of the equipment was out of stock, the official said.

In a statement, Ms Danley described the gunman as a "kind, caring, quiet man". KTNV tweeted this image, October 5, 2017 as their chopper flew over the scene of the Las Vegas festival site after Sunday's mass shooting.

FBI investigators questioned Mr Paddock's Australian girlfriend, Marilou Danley, on Wednesday as a "person of interest".

Danley continues to cooperate fully with authorities. She said, Paddock invited her to Las Vegas in 1989.