US-backed fighters seize infamous Raqqa roundabout from ISIS

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She is seen hugging soldiers that fought the Islamic terror group in order to recapture Raqqa. Underneath, she wears a chic bedazzled tunic.

ISIS is said to have suffered key setbacks in Syria, with US-led coalition forces grabbing more turf in the terror group's self-declared capital of Raqqa and the Syrian military seizing a key eastern city.

There was speculation that Syrian fighters would be allowed safe passage along with their families and injured. "We only used hand weapons because of the presence of children and women".

Mostafa Bali, an SDF spokesman, told Reuters they were human shields who the militants refused to release until their own safety was guaranteed.

In a clip released by the People's Protection Units, a woman is seen ripping off her black burqa in celebration after Raqqa, Syria, her home city, is liberated from ISIS.

A day earlier, under an agreement brokered by local tribesmen and members of the Raqqa Civil Council, a convoy of fighters and civilians left the city for areas still controlled by the jihadi group: parts of Syria's Deir el-Zour province and Iraq's Anbar province, and a scattering of pockets elsewhere.

Separately, the Syrian government and allied Shiite militia retook the town of Mayadeen from IS after intense fighting and Russian airstrikes, the Syrian military said Saturday.

The city's fall to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) now looks imminent after four months of battle.

The U.S. -led coalition that backs them said it could not give a timeline.

The SDF is now poised to end Islamic State's rule over a city where it had launched a string of lightning victories in 2014 and plotted attacks on civilian targets across the West.

The fall of Raqqa was expected shortly after coalition troops first attacked the city in June, but progress was hampered by bitter fighting.

But in a statement to news agencies the alliance said about 100 IS fighters had surrendered.

Furthermore, US officials say that having been involved in planning attacks in Europe including Paris, there is more reason to be wary of allowing foreign fighters to leave. "Those (Islamic State) fighters who are still inside will fight to the death".

Syrian civilians who fled one of Isis' last strongholds, Raqqa, on Thursday (12 October) said they had tried to flee in the past but were shot at by Isis militants as they made their escape.

"We distributed pictures, so they can check if they (foreign fighters) are among the killed or wounded".

Meanwhile, air strikes by the US-led coalition against IS-held areas continued on Monday, Dillon said.