United States to announce repeal of clean power plan

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The Environmental Protection Agency announced Monday that it would repeal the Clean Power Plan, a 2015 regulation aimed at reducing the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by power plants.

The White House is all set to get rid of a piece of regulation that had always been billed as former President Barack Obama's most important effort to combat climate change.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is set to unveil the proposal October 10, following which a period of public consultation will begin, CNN reported. The Supreme Court has ruled that the agency is obligated to come up with an alternative plan for the Clean Power Plan, which the Trump administration is so eager to scrap altogether.

Earlier, the EPA had argued that the Obama plan would cost the USA economy over $50 billion while providing only $500 million in value instead of the $20 billion the previous administration has said it would provide.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said following Pruitt's announcement he will lead a coalition to defend the Clean Power Plan.

[1] Sierra Club Compass Blog, "The Clean Power Plan Was Unveiled Two Years Ago: What's Next for this Climate Plan Under Trump and Pruitt?"

But it's impact on Louisiana, where oil and gas production loom large, isn't clear.

The move is seen as a major victory for the coal industry.

POLITICO reported last week that the agency will now seek suggestions from the public on possible replacements for the CPP but "some conservative groups have pressed for Pruitt to simply erase Obama's rule and offer no replacement at all".

This article was released by the Office of the California Attorney General.

"It's a wholesale retreat from EPA's legal, scientific and moral obligation to address the threats of climate change", McCarthy said.

His position on climate change was met with widespread criticism both at home and overseas.

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Signed in 2015, the Clean Power Plan aimed to cut down the nation's dependence on coal, which contributes about a third of USA carbon emissions.

The rule required states to reduce their carbon emissions.

The supreme court put the plan on hold past year following legal challenges by industry and coal-friendly states.

The plan outlined standards for power plants across the United States and set customized carbon pollution cuts for each state. After months of Donald Trump disparaging Obama's climate efforts, this document makes the Clean Power Plan's demise official. Without the CPP, the US will not live up to its pledge made in Paris. After denying a link between carbon dioxide and climate change, how can we expect him to take this environmental crisis seriously?